What Is and Is Not a Supersoul?

In previous posts, we discovered through the pioneering work of Guy Needler, that we are part of a much bigger, much higher frequency sentient being, which he termed our True Energetic Self, and which others have called the Oversoul, Godhead or Higher Self without giving too many details about what that really is.

Recently, another British author, Ian Lawton has described what he has termed the “supersoul” in his newest book, which I will be reviewing in several parts, because it validates the information given by Guy Needler, who has access to the greater reality way beyond our physical universe and multiverse. Both Needler and Lawton agree on this point:

“A new consciousness is emerging on planet earth. Huge swatches of the human population are waking up to the incredible truth of who and what we really are. And now the next pieces of the jigsaw reveal a power in each of us way beyond our wildest imaginings…the power of our SUPERSOUL.” – Ian Lawton (Supersoul, 2013)

Who is Ian Lawton?

Lawton has spent the last decade researching and writing books about the concept of rational spirituality with the motto “evidence not faith.”

  • By studying the near-death-experiences, out-of body-experiences, past life memories of children and adults, and hypnotic regression work of many researchers, he came up with a worldview that emphasizes “full personal responsibility for what happens both before, during and after our own lives.”
  • He has written about the holographic nature of the soul, life between lives (interlife), NDEs, OBEs, reincarnation, life planning etc. and said: “We create everything we experience at some level of our consciousness.” I think we can all agree with that.
  • But in his latest book, “Supersoul,” he described a series of major shocks to his previously held spiritual system, that was based on a linear growth model of the soul.

What is a supersoul?

Lawton reviewed some older and newer information from many different sources, including channeled material (Seth, Michael entity, etc.), out-of-body encounters (Monroe, Moen, Buhlman, Bruce, Phinn, Acamesis, etc.), esoteric teachers (Leadbeater, Besant, Aurobindo, etc.), and the physics of time and parallel worlds (Campbell’s Big Theory of Everything).

  • This led him to the concept of a “supersoul,” which he defined as “a collective of a number of individual souls, a grouping of hundreds, maybe thousands, of souls. Myriads of supersouls are projecting soul aspects of themselves into this and myriad other realities.”
  • He said: “We are part of a supersoul consciousness, which is so divine, that it makes every single one of us absolutely a creator god.”
  • He gave the following water analogy to describe the concept further:


  1. The raindrop is one life or personality.
  2. The stream fed by many raindrops is the soul.
  3. The river fed by many streams is the supersoul.
  4. The sea fed by many rivers is the Source.


Note: Lawton’s analogy does not include The Origin, which Needler describes as the Absolute/The All, which is the creator of the 12 Source Entities in our omniverse.

What is the difference between Lawton’s “supersoul” and Needler’s “True Energetic Self” and where are they located in our multiverse?

The terms “supersoul” and “True Energetic Self” are describing the same thing, also called the Oversoul, Godhead, Higher Self, Greater Self, etc. Lawton and his sources don’t say where they exist. But Needler has described them in unparalleled detail:

  • Most humans are projected from True Energetic Selves (TES) in the third full dimension (frequency bands 49-84) or fourth full dimension (FB 85-120) of our multiverse that has a total of 12 full dimensions (or 408 FB’s). These TES’s are able to project fully sentient souls/aspects into humans and many other form factors (species).
  • In comparison, most animals are projected from True Energetic Selves found in the second full dimension (around FB 13-31). These TES’s project semi-sentient hive souls into various types of animal bodies.


What is NOT a supersoul?

There is a lot of room for confusion, when we talk about “group souls” or “egregores” or “entities” or “collectives” of souls or aspects projected into the physical universe (FB 1-12).

Much of our channeled information comes from these entities, which view and interpret the physical universe from their own level and perspective. Lawton’s book does not distinguish between these various collectives clearly, so here are a few examples:


  • The “9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective” is a group of 2,500 soul aspects that work together within the physical universe at frequency band 9, while the “12th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective” is made of millions of light beings at frequency band 12.
  • They are aspects projected from a number of different True Energetic Selves (or many supersouls) to incarnate as light beings in the physical universe. They serve as guides and teachers to many physical beings incarnated as humans and other forms.
  • In comparison, the “Michael entity” is a group of 1,050 soul aspects (“fragments”) that work together at frequency bands 7-8. Some Michael channels misuse the term “oversoul” to refer to the entity, which is not the same as a supersoul at all.
  • The same goes for “Seth,” which is an entity related to the Michael entity within the physical universe. It is not a supersoul (or true Oversoul), even if they may call themselves an “oversoul” or a larger collective of sorts.
  • Some teachings also misuse the term “oversoul” for collectives at frequency bands 10-12, which are called “the Founders.” These collectives are not the same as a supersoul. They’re simply aspects projected into the 10th, 11th or 12th frequency bands, which are the highest levels within the physical universe (which only represents the first full dimension of the multiverse, like the bottom floor of a 12-story building).

It is important to keep in mind that all these collectives or entities or ‘archangels’ or New Age ‘ascended masters’ are giving us channeled information from their level of the physical universe, which means their truth is colored by their perspective. According to Needler, that may lead to some misguided physical universe thoughtforms, because they do NOT perceive (or choose to communicate to us) the greater reality beyond where they exist.

“The smaller your reality, and the less you understand the big picture, the easier it is to misinterpret what you find.” – Tom Campbell (physicist)

Final Thoughts

Lawton’s message to humanity is very empowering: “Remember who you are, stop thinking of yourself as limited beings that things happen to.” In a recent book signing video, he said:

“We are all beings of infinite majesty. We create everything that we experience bar nothing…from some level of our consciousness. That means a huge responsibility for us. Not everybody is ready for that, how responsible they are for everything. On the plus side, you are so powerful, you can move mountains literally.” - Ian Lawton

We will continue to discuss a few more concepts sparked by this book in my upcoming blogs. I hope you realize how privileged we are to be receiving cutting edge information about the greater reality, rather than the same old, tired, vague phrases given to humanity in the past.


For more information, please see:

[1] Guy Needler: The History of God (website) & 5 books

[2] Ian Lawton: Supersoul, 2013 & Supersoul Consciousness website & YouTube video: Ian Lawton on the Supersoul and the Afterlife

[3] Wendy Kennedy (channels 9D Pleiadian Collective): http://higherfrequencies.net

[4] Nora Herold (channels 12D Pleiadian Collective): http://www.noraherold.com

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How To Balance Spirituality With Sexuality?

In previous posts, we discovered the difference between human love and divine love, the purpose of relationships and why spiritual people are often not in a relationship. These blogs generated more questions and discussion about how to combine one’s spirituality with sexuality. Once again, my go-to sources for these questions are the 9D and 12D Pleiadian Collectives (“the P’s”), who teach through my favorite channels, Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold. Please take what resonates and leave the rest.

What is sexual energy?

Most of us think creative energy means the expression of creative thoughts or artistic works, like poetry, paintings, music, dance, etc. But according to the Pleiadians, creative energy and sexual energy are one and the same. It is only split in our understanding of it.

  • We have forgotten what “procreation really is – an intended act to create, to produce or bring something into being, which includes but is not limited to generating or reproducing offspring.
  • We have forgotten that we use the same life force energy, whether it is used to make love or to create a cup of coffee, a painting, a relationship or a new job.

How did modern reproduction evolve?

According to Guy Needler, we have been experimenting with hybrid incarnate vehicles for the “Human Being Project” for millennia, because incarnation accelerates our evolution.

  • Earlier human prototypes kept their connection to Source, while they incarnated into vehicles that they were able to enter and leave at will.
  • One body could house 3-4 spirits at the same time. Spirits could jump from one body to another for a different experience alone or together.
  • But all this sharing and jumping around created distorted energy imprints that affected all those spirits and had to be repaired on the spiritual side.

The next experiment was with hermaphrodites (both sexes in one body), which grew their own offspring internally, but they were vulnerable to diseases at lower density.

  • So the hermaphrodite was split into separate male and female vehicles, which caused the least problems in the energetic realms.
  • The dysfunctional energies (“karma”) only affected one being, not all the other beings that the person was interacting with.


How are we using our current physical bodies?

Now that we’re in the lowest density Earth, we have physical bodies that we’re still using as the vehicle or medium to express ourselves, to communicate and share an experience in an intimate way.

  • But many of us are trying to use sex for connection, to connect to Source through another human being, to get the feeling of “divine love” or connectedness we used to have in other forms or other dimensions.
  • We have forgotten that WE are love incarnate, and that our connection to divine love is within us. Presumably, that’s what some holy men were seeking by retreating to a cave or a mountaintop to meditate in solitude with no distractions.

67002-godsheart copy

  • But the P’s said the quickest way to connect to Source is to think of something that makes you smile or expands your heart space (e.g. pictures of baby animals, nature scenes, etc.). It’s about choosing to operate and create from our heart center, which is pure with nothing to fix, clean, shift or change. It’s about surrending to that truth.
  • Other people use some form of meditation, hemisync audio recordings, drumming, psychedelic drugs or certain light devices to induce various levels of higher states.

What is the goal for 2014?

The goal for 2014 is to love yourself more, i.e. to be gentle, patient and loving with self and others, who are going through the same experience right now. When you can love your self, all your choices and acknowledge all your creations, you become WHOLE.

  • The P’s say most of us have no model for giving or receiving unconditionally, because of the game of duality we’ve been playing for eons.
  • We have a lot of unconditional love for animals (our greatest teachers of unconditional love and living in the now moment), but not so much for other human beings.
  • Human love is seen as conditional, as in “I’m going to love you, but only if you’re going to accept me; I need approval, safety and security, etc.” That’s a heavy load to put on someone else, when it’s really about your own issues.


What makes Earth such a special place to incarnate?

The Pleiadians said Earth is the “all you can eat buffet of experiences” of the universe. As Nora Herold put it: “We can have fun pretending to be a boy or a girl, or a girl wishing to be a boy, taking on heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transsexual forms of sexuality.”


  • Apparently, many children are coming to the planet as androgynous beings, running both yin and yang energy. The younger generations are operating from the truer nature that we all experience on the energetic side.
  • The P’s suggested that we release our attachment to genders, roles, sexual identifiers and thinking in terms of male (yang) or female (yin) energies, because that’s NOT our true identity.
  • We are universal beings of light and love, who simply have been using those identifiers to write a story for ourselves in 3D. That story is changing.

How will sex and relationships change in the future?

The Pleiadians said that as we continue to work on ourselves, to explore own own bodies first, we can use the orgasm state to feel our full connection with the greater Source energy.

  • You can run that energy to light up every cell up and down the vehicle, not just your chakras, to feel yourself as Source energy .
  • When you connect in this way, it’s like plugging into a wall outlet with an infinite supply of energy readily available to you. The P’s said we can use that energy for instantaneous healing of aches and pains, clearing trauma or energy blocks and for manifesting.


  • Once we have linked up with Source and see ourselves as a creator being, we’ll be able to match that same frequency with another being, while disassociating ourselves from the old stories, fantasies, porn, techniques, i.e. all the habits and programs that we’ve used in the past.
  • The P’s said we need to stop running our connection to Source energy through another person, i.e. “to use sex to get to God”.
  • As we are shifting and evolving, a lot of people are refraining from sexual relationships right now, because they are working on themselves. Even those with partners may be working with their own energy, their own sexual identity or reorientation.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we’ll get to a point, where we choose to connect or comingle with another being. BUT then sex will have a different purpose – it’s about connection, not just about physical pleasure.

But you should know that when we activate more of our energetic field, we will have more physical pleasure, too. The P’s said we could stay in a blissful state for hours, days, weeks, but it is all SELF-generated by being heart-centered. That’s quite a shift indeed!


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Wendy Kennedy: Home – Higher Frequencies & The Love of Your Life is You (audio lecture: higherfrequencies.net/product/the-love-of-your-lifeis-you/) & Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013 (book: higherfrequencies.net/product/the-great-human-potential-walking-in-ones-own-light/)

Nora Herold: Nora Herold – Home & Teleconference February 2, 2013 & Dimensional Games, Identity, Abduction & Galactic History – Pleiadian Collective, Calliandra, & Yeshua : ChannelCast.tv & A Fireside Chat with Lance White – Radio interview May 8, 2013

Guy Steven Needler: The History of God

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Why Are People On the Spiritual Path Often Not In Relationships?

In the previous two posts, we learned about the difference between human love and divine love, and about the purpose of relationships. That information led to a couple of questions raised by my readers that I will address in this Miniblog. This is a new format designed for simple or single questions. I’d like to invite all my readers to submit their questions to me by email at: info@bigpicturequestions.com. :)

“What about those who are not in relationships, which seems to be common amongst ‘spiritual’ people?” 

My favorite guides on matters like this are the 9D and 12D Pleiadians (“the P’s”), who explained these points through Wendy Kennedy :

1. When you create with another consciousness, that other consciousness could be anything from a rock, tree, the weather, animal OR another human being, like a partner or a grocery clerk or whoever you encounter in your daily life. ALL of them are a reflection for you.

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  • For example, you could play out the issue of “abandonment” with your mother or lover or boss. They may look different on the surface, but they’re showing you different versions of the same theme with a somewhat different intensity and perspective.
  • Usually we don’t play out an issue in just one area of life, the universe gives us many examples, so we’ll get it. ;)

2. A lot of people on the spiritual path have chosen NOT to have long-term, intimate relationships for one or more reasons:


  • Some people want to work on their own self-identity, to learn how to hold their own resonance, and to identify their own energies. They may need to focus on themselves for a while.
  • Some people may feel that other people are demanding, too needy or a big distraction for them.
  • Some feel like they can get lost in romantic relationships.
  • Some may not feel deserving of a loving relationship.
  • Some are afraid that it’s not safe to be in a relationship, that someone is going to hurt or wound them.
  • Some may have programs from other lifetimes as celibates, monks, etc. that they are working to clear in this lifetime to balance spirituality with sexuality.

3. Once a person is ready, once they’ve learned to nurture and love themselves, and to connect to Source within, they will pull in other people and re-engage with them.

  • BUT it will be a different, more elevated relationship, since they’re no longer expecting someone else to complete them or to make them happy. They know how to do that for themselves.
  • Intimate relationships do serve us, because they allow us to get the quickest reflection of our own frequency and to go to deeper levels, that we might not become conscious of until someone else triggers us to show another issue or another layer to work on.
  • Once we integrate an issue, we’re no longer triggered or charged by it, because we see the purpose and cocreative nature of both sides. We are learning to see ourselves as the cocreators of our own reality.

“Do you ever notice that once you are in a relationship, all of the sudden people come out of the woodwork?”

As described previously, most of us are looking for love through our horizontal connections with a romantic partner, rather than through our direct vertical connection to Source.


  • When we’re “in love” with a person, we think it’s the other person who is giving us the feelings of love, bliss and joy. In reality, it’s because WE are opening ourselves to feel more Source energy.
  • Depending on our ability to open up, our vertical channel can be anywhere from 1 inch (contracted) to 6 feet wide (expanded), which makes a huge difference in how we project ourselves to others.
  • We look and feel different to others because our frequencies are higher. The P’s say that the higher selves of other people will notice you as a “bright being” over there and they’ll want to approach you. Even the neighborhood dogs and cats may stare at you with interest, be attracted to you and want to get to know you better on your walks.

Here is a short, funny video take on this phenomenon, called “Boyfriend Spray” (by http://www.Comediva.com) that you can view:

Final Thoughts

To me one of the most liberating things the P’s have said is this piece:

“Remember: The soul doesn’t care whether you succeed or not – it’s all about experience. The ego says: I must succeed in order to be loved. The soul is eternal and can always choose another vibrational experience. The soul says: That was interesting. I saw how that worked out. I’ll try something new now!” ― Wendy Kennedy/9D P’s

With that in mind, there is no such thing as failure!


For more information, please see:

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Wendy Kennedy: Home – Higher Frequencies (website) & Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013 (book: higherfrequencies.net/product/the-great-human-potential-walking-in-ones-own-light/) & The Love of Your Life is You (audio lecture: higherfrequencies.net/product/the-love-of-your-lifeis-you/)

Nora Herold: Nora Herold – Home (channels 12D Pleiadian Collective and many other beings) Note: The 9th and 12th Dimensional Pleiadian Collectives present a higher, neutral perspective that is delightfully down to earth, easy to understand and to apply in our daily lives.

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What Is the Purpose of Relationships, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Soul Groups and Self-Love?

In a previous post, we learned the difference between the various emotional states that we lump together and call “human love,” which is quite limited compared to “divine love,” the more expansive state of being that connects your heart/soul/essence with any and all entities in the multiverse. In this post, we’ll take a look at our relationships and how they serve us in our evolution and growth on Earth.

What is the game in the physical universe?

We are part of a much bigger sentient being, called our True Energetic Self, that sends smaller aspects/souls as “probes” to incarnate as many different species (or form factors) at many frequency levels in the physical universe.


“You are universal beings of light first, then you step your vibrations down, incarnate into different star systems, play out a bunch of stories. None of you really are earthlings, just as we are not really Pleiadians – it’s just a costume we’re wearing right now.” – Wendy Kennedy (channeling the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective)

  • For example, the “Pleiadians” are a collective of 2,500 soul aspects that have never incarnated as humans, but exist as light beings at the 9th frequency level.
  • But the souls that incarnate as human beings are here for the vibrational experience, which means they play both light and dark roles to experience both sides of duality.

YinYangSymbolSplitApart copy

What is the game of life on Earth?

Wendy Kennedy said that in this dimension, all things are created in trinity, which includes our self, Source and another consciousness. She explained:

  • Our job is to create and generate a frequency and pulse it out to the universe. The universe/Source then matches that frequency and brings us form.
  • Because the game on Earth is rather dense, we need some help to identify which frequency we’re pulsing out. It needs to be mirrored or reflected back to us by another being, who is attracted to our frequency, because “like attracts like”.
  • That’s why the game here is structured through attraction and reflection.

images copy 10

“Everything that you need to know about the programs that are running in your own personal field is reflected back to you through strangers, through loved ones, through co-workers, through enemies.” – Wendy Kennedy

What agreements do we make with others?

There are many types of pre-incarnation agreements that are planned and arranged with the people we are likely to meet in our lifetime. These agreements are malleable and may be re-written or cancelled as needed by changing circumstances. For example:

  • We make 5-20 mate agreements with different people to make sure one or more of them will work out for short and long-term relationships.
  • There are over 80 different reciprocal contracts (“monads”), that may or may not be karmic. They are done with the same soul that incarnates with us, but switches positions in one or more lifetimes.


  • The contracts used for specific learning experiences include Husband-Wife, Parent-Child, Sibling monad, Teacher-Student, Attacker-Victim, Leader-Follower, Pivotal-Facilitator, Integrator-Eccentric, Imprinter-Imprinted, Healer-Healed, Rescuer-Rescued, Hopelessly Loving-Hopelessly Loved, Passive-Aggressive, Passionate-Repressive, Adept-Apprentice, Artist-Patron, Deserter-Abandoned, Master-Slave, Player-Pawn, Defender-Defended, Slanderer-Slandered, Independent-Dependent, Slovenly-Meticulous, Profligate-Temperate, Hidden-Disclosed, Innocent-Sophisticate, Promiscuous-Impotent, Jailer-Prisoner, Love monad, Tandem monad, etc.
  • It is possible to have many monads with different people in one lifetime, and more than one monad going on with the same person at the same time.
  • All the monads represent different shades of a handful of issues, which include approval, abandonment/separation, safety/security, persecution, manipulation/control and trust. These issues are played out with the vast emotional range that humans can express in relationships on this planet like nowhere else.

What is a true soul mate vs. twin flame?

According to Guy Needler, the definition of a true “soul mate” is a soul/aspect that is projected from the same True Energetic Self, while a “twin flame” is an aspect projected from a different True Energetic Self.


  • A True Energetic Self can project up to 12 different aspects to incarnate at the same time, and all those aspects together could be called a “soul group.” In reality, they are parts of our self that are very rarely projected to the same geographic area.
  • Needler described the characteristics of a soul mate from the human perspective What is a Soul Mate | Guy Steven Needler and spiritual perspective What is a Soul Mate – The Energetic Explanation | Guy Steven Needler.
  • Other relationships may involve “task companions,” that we team up with to work on one or more life tasks together. They support each other and make excellent business and marriage partners, because their minds and talents dovetail very well.

Do soul mates and twin flames really matter?

Although soul mates and twin flames exist, the idea of finding them to “complete us” is both misguided and damaging, according to the Pleiadians [2]. Wendy Kennedy expounded:

  • If we think there is only ONE person we can truly love and that we’re missing out if we can’t find them, that program only sets us up for failure and separation from others.
  • In the past, the overall frequency of Earth and humanity was lower, so integration was much slower. We could work on only 4-5 big issues in a lifetime. People lived in small communities and interacted with fewer people, so it took a long time to see the issues reflected back to you, in part because everybody was more “dense”. ;)
  • In today’s world, soul mates don’t really matter, because we can travel and connect with lots of people via the internet. That’s why this lifetime is unlike any other.


  • We have set up contracts with many people to clear unresolved issues from other lifetimes. The more relationships we have, the more issues we can process and integrate. Integration means we’re no longer charged or triggered by an issue, because we see the purpose and cocreative nature of both sides. We are in it, but not of it.
  • There are about 100 points of connection that we can work on within a relationship. In most long-term relationships, about 30 points are aligned, so both partners can work on those, whereas in most short-term relationships, 5-10 points can be processed faster than ever before.
  • Timing is more challenging now, since everyone is working on their own stuff in layers. Some contracts set up before incarnation may no longer be valid, if person A has already integrated an issue with person B by the time person C shows up as planned. Then person C works with their backup person instead. It all works out!

What are we really seeking in a relationship?

According to the Pleiadians, the #1 issue on our planet is lack of self-love [2]. How sad is that, given that all our relationships are founded on self-love. We have forgotten this point:

“If you know Love, you know Source, because they are the one and the same. It is already who you are, because you are Love incarnate.” – Wendy Kennedy

67002-godsheart copy

  • When we’re “in love” with a person, we think it’s the other person who is giving us the feelings of love, bliss and joy. In reality, it’s because WE are opening ourselves to feel more Source energy.
  • The Pleiadians say that most of us are looking for more love through our horizontal connections with a romantic partner, rather than through our direct vertical connection to Source, which is an infinite source of divine love.
  • Intimate relationships serve us, because they trigger or bring up issues faster, and allow us to connect and be more open with another being. They add to, but don’t complete or define the experience of love. The love of your life is you.
  • It’s your job to connect with the divine love within, which is a range of frequencies, a more intense state of being, not a single note. We are learning that we’re not just an individuated consciousness, but part of a much larger collective.
  • Guy Needler said: “Love is a very poor way in words to describe how we feel, when we are experiencing collectivity or oneness, whether there are 2 individuals or 10, 20, 30 or 100 or 5,000. It’s this knowingness that we are One together.”

What is your love quotient?

The measure of success is not about how much money or materialistic trappings or achievements we can get, but how much LOVE and JOY we have in our life, which is what the Pleiadians call the “love quotient”. How’s your LQ?

“It’s about you and your connection to Source. Once you connect more with Source energy within yourself, you will be able to have divine connections with absolutely everyone and everything.” – Wendy Kennedy

 6a01310fb23621970c01310fb24e15970c copy

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Wendy Kennedy: Home – Higher Frequencies & Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013 higherfrequencies.net/product/the-great-human-potential-walking-in-ones-own-light/ & ‎higherfrequencies.net/product/the-love-of-your-lifeis-you/, February 24, 2013

Aaron Christeaan et al.: Michael: The Basic Teachings, 1988 & Dave Gregg: Agreements & External Monads

Guy Steven Needler: World Satsanga Teleconference November 24, 2012 & What is a Soul Mate | Guy Steven Needler & What is a Soul Mate – The Energetic Explanation | Guy Steven Needler

Shepherd Hoodwin: Task Companions | Michael Teachings

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What Are Emotions, Human Love vs. Unconditional or Divine Love?

In previous posts, we have discovered that there are certain forces of attraction that affect everything from self-attracting free energy to the force called gravity, which is a function of “universal love” that is created by every planet to maintain local parts of the universe together, as described by Guy Needler. This brings us to reflect on other functions of “universal love” in the greater reality compared to what we call “love” in our world.


What is unique about humans on Earth?

“We call Earth “The Planet of Emotion” and it is unlike any other planet in the entire Universe because your range of emotions is so vast.” – Wendy Kennedy

According to the Pleiadians, we have the highest highs and lowest lows and everything in between. In other parts of the galaxy, the emotional range is not nearly as varied. Some places may have only 5 or 12 different emotions in total, while a few species (e.g. Zeta) have eliminated their emotions altogether and lost their ability to procreate at the same time.

How do we create and sense emotions?

The Pleiadians say our thoughts create form (frequency), but our emotions vibrate it into being (amplitude) and determine how strongly we pulse it out to the universe in the now moment.

  • Different emotions trigger sensations in different parts of the body. We all know how anxiety may be felt as “butterflies” in the stomach, while shame may evoke flushed cheeks.
  • Researchers have shown how a given emotion lights up different areas of the body, that may feel increased (warm colors) or decreased (cool colors) sensations, as shown below. Image: Bodily maps of emotions (click to enlarge).


What is the range of emotions we have?

Karla McLaren wrote a book about “The Language of Emotions.” She defined an emotion as a physiological experience (or state of awareness) that gives you information about the world, and a feeling as your conscious awareness of the emotion itself.

  • McLaren explained that some people have a disconnect between emotion and feeling. They have the emotion, but don’t know about it, because they try to ignore, suppress or avoid feeling it until it drags them into a more severe mood state.
  • There is a healthy link between the ability to have, feel and identify your emotions, which are simply data that you get to interpret as to when, how and why they arise.
  • To help people identify and work with the information that each emotion and its level of intensity provides, she compiled a downloadable emotional vocabulary list.


  • For example, there are at least 40 different variations of “Happiness”:
  1. Soft Happiness: Smiling ~ Upbeat ~ Peaceful ~ Calm ~ Amused ~ Open ~ Friendly ~ Encouraged ~ Hopeful ~ Inspired ~ Jovial
  2. Mood State Happiness: Happy ~ Glad ~ Content ~ Optimistic ~ Cheerful ~ Joyful ~ Satisfied ~ Lively ~ Delighted ~ Rejuvenated ~ Pleased ~ Gratified ~ Excited ~ Gleeful ~ Merry ~ Playful
  3. Intense Happiness: Elated ~ Exhilarated ~ Manic ~ Giddy ~ Euphoric ~ Awe-filled ~ Blissful ~ Enthralled ~ Rapturous ~ Jubilant ~ Ecstatic ~ Overjoyed ~ Radiant.

“Your job as the partner of emotions is to feel the emotion, name it, ask the correct questions, and act in a way that is both emotional and rational.” – Karla McLaren

What’s love got to do with it? 

What is human love? A popular love song says: “Love is a many splendored thing.” We all know the variations of love, that we may express and experience with a lover, spouse, parent, child, pets, friends, favorite foods, beautiful nature scenes, country, etc.


  • We tend to use the word “love” in many situations. But surprisingly, McLaren and others have said that love is NOT really an emotion.
  • What we are calling “love” on Earth often is simply lumping together emotions, like excitement, passion, happiness, fear, anxiety or a form of physical attachment, such as infatuation.
  • According to McLaren, a healthy emotion appears just long enough to address an issue in the environment, then it shifts and recedes. That’s energy in motion (or e-motion) in the now moment or until you hit the reset button to change things.
  • But she says love is in a category of its own: “I don’t equate love with desire, lust, the absence of loneliness, or shared hobbies. Love is much, much deeper than any of those things. In my view, love is deathless and utterly stable – it simply doesn’t move or behave in the way emotions do.”

What is true unconditional or divine love?

“True love” is a neutral state of being, a vibration and a presence, where you feel your heart expand, so that it “allows you to connect with any and all,” according to the Pleiadians.


  • Guy Needler said that love is greatly misunderstood, because “human love is a minute subset of true love, which is the experiential knowledge that we are all one, and that we love others like we love our selves.”
  • Nora Herold explained: “When you’re in this state of divine love, then it doesn’t matter which version of Earth you’re existing on, and who you’re connecting with, you’re exactly where you need to be.”
  • According to Needler, what we feel with a life partner is but a small portion of the collectivity or oneness, that we experience with “every single entity in this multiverse in a massively parallel way.”
  • Similarly, when we are sending light or healing or loving thoughts to others, who are suffering, we have an underlying recognition of our oneness and have empathy for them. We recognize them as an aspect of ourselves, that we naturally love.


“Divine love is all around us. It pervades the multiverse and is therefore part of our very being. The Source is divine love and loves everyone and everything it created. We are the Source, and we are therefore in love, divine love, all of the time.” – Guy Needler

Final Thoughts

Needler asked us to focus on what we can experience in meditation, for instance, as a way to return to Source while in the physical world. When we are in communion or “coadunation” with Source, it means being one with the whole while remaining individual. We need not fear loss of individuality, because there is no loss.

“We feel bliss and joy, total love, expansive oneness, like being concurrently conjoined with everything simultaneously, therefore, knowing it is One with us and we’re One with it.” – Guy Needler

“It is all contained in a single truth: THERE IS ONLY ONE OF US.” – Neale D. Walsch

For more information, please see:

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Wendy Kennedy: Home – Higher Frequencies & Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013

Lauri Nummenmaa et al.: PNAS: Bodily maps of emotions, 2013 & Where Your Body ‘Feels’ Emotions Revealed In New Study (VIDEO)

Karla McLaren: Karla McLaren – Welcome! & Bookshop – Karla McLaren & Your Emotional Vocabulary List – Karla McLaren & Is it a Feeling or is it an Emotion? Revisited! – Karla McLaren

Nora Herold: Nora Herold – Home

Guy Steven Needler: World Satsanga Teleconferences November 24, 2012 & June 22, 2013 & July 27, 2013

Neale Donald Walsch: The Complete Conversations With God, Books 1-3, 2005

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Are We the Creator or the Created? Or Both?

In previous posts, we discovered that we are multidimensional beings that are smaller units or “Mini-Me’s” of our Source Entity, which created entities of all types (human, nonhuman, energetic etc.) to explore the multiverse at different frequential levels.

What could this look like?

This figure illustrates one way to imagine (from my human perspective) how we might fit into the bigger picture.

  • It is based on an image called “Ascension Fractal”, which represents a still frame of a constantly moving fractal hierarchical pattern, which is energy in motion. This fractal has been called a “BuddhaBrot,” because it resembles certain depictions of the Buddha.*
  • The quotes are from two authors with several books about their communications with our God/Source Entity/Creator.

“I am my Creator; I am One with my Creator; my Creator is One with me.” – Guy Steven Needler


“I am in the realm of the physical, because I desire a contextual field within which to experience what I know of myself, and to experience it fully. You are the caller and the called. The creator and the created. The beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega.” – Neale Donald Walsch

What is a contextual field?

Neale Walsch explained that the function of the universe is to provide us with a contextual field, in which ALL experiences are made possible.

  • We live within that contextual field, in which all contrasting elements (e.g. dark/light, hot/cold, up/down, male/female etc.) have to exist, so that we can experience what we are and what we are not.
  • In the above figure, the contextual field consists of everything we see, including the “polarized” arcs or branches going left and right of the vertical pillar of energy emanating from the Source/Creator (at the bottom).

Physicist Noel Huntley, PhD wrote: “All energy and knowledge are contextual.”

  • That means everything that we observe, detect with our senses or scientific instruments or evaluate in our 3D world or the rest of the universe is in the context of who is doing the observing and what their perspective or vantage point is.
  • Your perspective influences the reality you will see.
  • That’s why the Pleiadians say that truth is always colored by perspective, and that there are as many versions of reality as there are beings to interpret reality. Some people think that this statement is nonsense, as if nothing is real. But it’s closer to the truth than you may realize.

Guy Needler has described a much greater contextual field for us to consider:

  • The greater reality includes the omniverse (made of multiple multiverses), our multiverse (made of multiple universes) and the physical universe (the bottom dimension of our multiverse), in which we incarnate as humans and as many other forms to learn, experience and evolve.
  • He also explained how we use the special functionality called “event space” to figure out the cause and effect of every possible choice or decision point. Instead of wondering which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer in event space is both, as described elsewhere.**

What is a fractal? 

The term “fractal” was coined by mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975.

  • He showed that fractals are patterns of infinite self-similarity, which bring “a degree of order” to things that may appear rough or chaotic (e.g. clouds, shorelines, plants, trees, lungs, blood vessels, cluster of galaxies, stock market charts, etc.).
  • No matter how many times you break down a fractal shape, you can always fracture it to smaller and smaller copies of itself, which are either identical or similar versions of the original form.
  • Mandelbrot used it to show how theoretical fractional dimensions could be applied to geometric patterns in nature.

Image: Various fractal patterns found all around us in space and on earth.


  • Neale Walsch explained that we (like all life forms) are defining and re-creating God in every single moment, since life is a tool for God to turn concept into experience.

What is fractal hierarchy?

Physicist Noel Huntley described a simple tree model to explain our multiverse, which is designed in a fractal holographic configuration, that has organization within organization.

  • Huntley said: “It is as much a work of art as a great machine or computer.”
  • The first fractal level is the outermost twig level, which corresponds to our Human level of consciousness. Our perception of the universe is limited to the twigs. That’s all we see in 3D, so our ego consciousness is a closed-loop system, which can become distorted, because it is cut off from its higher aspects and higher intelligence.
  • The second fractal level is made of the small branches, that correspond to the Soul level. The souls perceive themselves as interconnected and will not harm each other (unlike egos).
  • The third fractal level is the larger branch level, which corresponds to the Oversoul level, which has an even greater integration of consciousness and awareness of the whole. For an average tree there are about seven fractal levels.
  • The tree trunk represents the Source level of consciousness, from which all information and energy are continuously flowing to keep the twigs and branches alive. In one sense, the Source has fractured its consciousness into smaller branches and twigs, much like white light gets split up by a prism into a rainbow of colors (spectrum of frequencies) to experience different levels of Itself .


  • During evolution (ascension) of the Self, the lower parts (outer fractals) merge into the higher parts (inner fractals) in increasing degrees of order and return back to Source.
  • Arnold Keyserling noted: “Conscious beings are like fractals evolving to ever greater scales of magnitude. Along the way we follow the same basic patterns, but at each stage there are some unique variations. This variety adds spice to life…But if you know what to look for, the key fractal structures, you can look beyond the millions of trees and start to see the forest, the unity behind the great diversity of nature.”

What is God?

Neale Donald Walsch explained, that God is a process, not the result of that process, but the process itself.

  • The process of creation is never complete, never done. And you are part of that process. There is no one else. There is only one of us.
  • God is the energy, which you call life. Nothing stands still. Everything is energy in motion or E-motion.

When we understand this, we can develop respect for all life and reverence for all creation, including every atom, rock, tree and being.

“I have created you, so that you might re-create Me [God]. This is Our very reason for being.” – Neale Donald Walsch


* The BuddhaBrot is a special rendering of the Mandelbrot set of fractals, which resembles certain depictions of the Buddha.

** For a related post, please see: What Is Event Space and How Does It Relate to Parallel Lives and Parallel Universes? | Big Picture Questions

NOTE: For a grand tour of fractals, please see this video with zooming in/out of various fractal patterns at: ▶ HD Mandelbrot Fractal Tour Guide – YouTube

For more information, please see:

[1] Guy Steven Needler: The History of God | Guy Steven Needler

[2] Artist unknown/Source: ascension fractal – The Woodstock Fruit Festival

[3] Guy Steven Needler: Music and Energy | Guy Steven Needler

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[9] madjeff1983:  ▶ HD Mandelbrot Fractal Tour Guide – YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXM9J77StL0), a video tour of various fractal patterns with background music by George Gershwin: “Rhapsody in Blue,” Gustav Holst: “Jupiter, the Bringer of Peace” & Beethoven: Ninth Symphony, “Ode to Joy”)

[10] Miqel.com: Patterns of Visual Math – 3 Dimensional Fractals & Mandelbulb (BuddhaBrot description: http://www.miqel.com/fractals_math_patterns/3d_fractals_mandelbulb.html)

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What Is the Purpose of True Spiritual Inquiry?

Is it a purely intellectual exercise or just endless meanderings of the mind? Or does it serve a higher purpose for our soul or for those of us who are determined to teach what we learn?

What is the purpose of asking questions about the greater reality?

“Questions increase intelligence, not mind, intelligence determines what is Truth. In reality, creation is a mere play of ideas (thoughts) on the eternal substance/God.” – Sri Yukteswar (The Holy Science)

In science, we’re used to formulating questions, designing experiments, running the studies, collecting and analyzing the data to make some conclusions about what was found, how well the questions were answered and what new questions may have arisen. This is the nature of experimental science, which is an ongoing process of re-searching and refinement of our understanding of things.

“Realized knowledge alone destroys ignorance…Knowledge cannot spring up by any other means than inquiry, ‘Who am I? How was this universe born? Who is its maker? What is its material cause?'” – Shankara (Century of Verses)

That’s how we have evolved from a world view of Flat Earth (left) to the 3D Earth (right).


Can this approach be applied to spiritual science?

As a scientist, my approach is to evaluate the information out there on a particular topic, look for any commonalities or discordances between the various sources, assimilate the information and present an integrated summary to other seekers. The question then becomes:

  • How much are you willing to know using outside sources and/or your inner guidance?
  • How attached are you to a particular story? Are you open to a new story?
  • What is your truth? How does it serve you in the now moment?

Why now?

The time is now right for people to see their truth. Knowing about the greater reality contributes to the effort to elevate the frequencies of Earth and its surrounding universe.” – Guy Needler (talking to our Source Entity)


In my experience, there are many misguided thoughtforms, distortions, inaccuracies, personal paradigms or pre-conceptions being presented to mankind as being “fact” by various sources within the physical universe.

  • Some of the information reads like a science fiction novel or something invented to keep people in a lower frequency state in the physical universe.
  • It is all too easy to get caught up in conspiracies (real or theorized) or to be led down a blind alley by a teaching that looks alluring, but really doesn’t serve you, because it is fear-inducing or tries to control/coerce you and the followers in some way.
  • It’s time to acknowledge that some of your old beliefs may be terrorizing or limiting you and are no longer working for you.
  • Luckily, we have a built-in emotional “BS meter” in our bodies. If something you see, read or hear makes you feel uneasy, anxious, afraid or vulnerable, you have a choice: do you enter into someone else’s fear paradigm or do you create your own paradigm, where you can say: “I stand in peace in the midst of chaos.”
  • The higher truths are empowering and allow you to shift your perspective from a victim or a perpetrator to that of a co-creator, who on some level takes 100% responsibility for creating your own reality. You are the actor, director, producer and screenwriter of your own play, which you can change at any time.

What about all the past knowledge and wisdom?

The higher truths are not new. They are wisdom of the ages. As Yogananda said: “Thoughts are universally and not individually rooted; a truth cannot be created, but only perceived [2].” He also said that the sages knew that truth is timeless and impossible to trademark.


  • In every generation people have been asking the same questions about the nature of God, the greater reality, life and death issues, ethics, morality, personal values, relationships, forces of nature, nature of creatures, good and evil, etc.
  • The difference is that Earth and its inhabitants are at a higher base frequency now than when some of our holy texts and teachings were given to mostly illiterate people in the form of parables, rituals, laws or codes of conduct, some used to control the masses.
  • We are in a different place now. In the past, a guru may have spent his life meditating in silence in a cave, but today’s gurus have to serve the people in the noisy crowds, smelly streets, on the internet, wherever the ignorance of mankind prevails.
  • Their methods have also changed from countless hours of meditation to much faster technics, that can take you to the same place of inner communion with your True Energetic (Higher) Self and God, where we can search for our own answers.
  • In reality, our learning never ends. Even the guru who is close to or at the level of a mahavatar gets elevated to the next level, only to be a beginner again at that level. That means our learning and sense of spiritual awe and wonder just shift to a higher level.

“The man who cannot wonder, who does not habitually wonder….is but a pair of spectacles behind which there is no eye.” – Carlyle

How do we know what questions to ask?

“When you start connecting more with self, Source energy, the world around you becomes much more fascinating. When you become more curious and awake, you’ll ask more questions.” – Wendy Kennedy

There are no stupid questions, because every thought we have is creative energy. We don’t have to take anybody’s word for anything. We can think for ourselves. But we should also know that our thoughtforms have a much bigger impact around us than we may realize.

Image: The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, 1880


“You become what you think about.” – Earl Nightingale

You think it into being. This is the first step in creation. Your thought is the parent which gives birth to all things. Thought is pure energy. The energy of your thought never ever dies. Ever. It leaves your being and heads out into the universe, extending forever. A thought is forever.” – Neale Donald Walsch

“In the absolute there is no experience, only knowing. Being is achieved only after experience. The evolution is this: knowing, experiencing, being. This is the Holy Trinity—the Triune that is God.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Guy Needler further instructed us in this way:

  • Dismiss nothing, consider and question everything about your physicality. The information that you receive is based on the questions you ask.
  • Ask everybody to think about it. Talk to each other about what their big picture is.
  • If we can understand somebody else’s picture, they become 2 or 3 or 4 pictures together, then we start to work in synchronicity rather than in isolation. We start to see that the bigger picture is different from that which we’re being told about.
  • This is a game changer. Nobody can ever make you feel like a hopeless sinner or the scum of the universe or someone that needs an external savior any longer. You know better and that knowledge is itself liberation.

“Those dedicated to wanting to “know the truth,” lifting their personal veil between themselves and the greater reality, in so doing they are helping to raise the base frequencies of the Earth and its population.” - Guy Needler

What is the purpose of our existence?

“To be creative is quite possibly the most important task that an entity can do. Creativity and the experience associated with creativity is what existence is all about.” - Guy Needler

Big dark pink Lotus Flower photo

“Don’t compete. Create.” – Earl Nightingale

For more information, please see:

[1] Swami Sri Yukteswar: The Holy Science, 1949

[2] Paramahansa Yogananda: Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946

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[7] The Master Aetherius: Cosmic Voice; issue 25

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[9] Guy Steven Needler: Guy Steven Needler Transformation Conference Rogers USA 2011 Lecture 6 of 8 [HQ] – YouTube

[10] Guy Steven Needler: Guy Steven Needler Transformation Conference Rogers USA 2011 Lecture 4 of 8 [HQ] – YouTube

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What Is the Purpose of Conflict and War?

This is a follow up to the previous post on the Global Peace Meditation led by Deepak Chopra last week, in which over 115,000 people got together to meditate on world peace. Since Guy Needler posted a pertinent channeled message from Source about suffering and conflict in our world, I wanted to share it here with my readers as a starting point for further discussion.

Question: “People always ask why a benevolent creator allows the suffering that arises from conflict?”

Source Entity: “The answer is both simple and complicated. 

Firstly, those involved in the conflict elect to incarnate into it to be of service to the rest of incarnate mankind.

Secondly, they are of service by providing a focus for the rest of incarnate mankind, they are being shown how not to operate here.

As this focus sharpens, those who abhor such conflict group together to create energies of love, hope, sympathy and help. They unconsciously establish an energetic link between themselves that creates a group synergetic effect, a collective mind that amplifies their ‘Higher Frequency thought processes through a mathematical power function aligned to the number of individuals that are part of the synergetic effect. 

As this grows, more like minded individuals are drawn into the synergetic effect and the function of power increases expanding the collective mind further. Eventually this grows to the point, where those in the epicenter of the conflict are also affected, lifting their base frequencies, and the conflict stops with everyone now existing and thinking on a frequency level higher than the one before.

I let these sufferings continue because you all grow from experiencing them. Eventually you will move beyond the need to participate in conflict to provide a focus for others’ and your own progression and will ascend beyond the need to incarnate in the process. This is why I let it continue.” From: Why the Source allows Suffering & Conflict | Guy Steven Needler

What do you think?

When we see all the suffering, conflict, destruction, genocide, massive displacement of people with this week’s headlines that read: “We have to bomb them to save them…” – we know there has to be a better way for humanity to learn than through the same old wars and conflicts?

Neale Donald Walsch observed: “Our species is begging for a new way of being human.”


Walsch also said: “Your life has nothing to do with you. It is about everyone whose life you touch, and how you touch it.” Because ultimately there is only One of us.

What can you do?

Here are some suggestions offered to us by others:

Walsch said: “One simple change – seeking and finding peace within – could, if it were undertaken by all, end all wars and prevent injustice.”


You can still join the event space (globalmeditation.chopra.com) shared by over 115,000 people. You can add your unique energies and power to amplify the synergy already established there. Or do whatever intention, prayer or meditation that works for you.


You can be an ambassador for peace. Be that pebble in the pond that spreads ripples of peace consciousness wherever you are.


Peace is not about becoming a wimp. Peace is about becoming aware of your own power.


Peace be with you. :)

For more information, please see:

Chopra Center – Global meditation (watch Introduction & Meditation video) & check out Twitter: #IAMPEACE

▶ A Global Meditation for Peace- Join us August 8, 2014 – YouTube (short trailer)

What Will The Future of Humanity Look Like? | Big Picture Questions

How Does Triangulation Help the Evolution of Individuals and Collective Humanity? | Big Picture Questions

Guy Steven Needler: Why the Source allows Suffering & Conflict | Guy Steven Needler & The History of God (website) & 5 books: The History of GodBeyond the Source – Book 1Beyond the Source – Book 2Avoiding Karma, The Origin Speaks (in publication)

Neale Donald Walsch: What God Said, 2013

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Join the Power of Collective Intention for World Peace?


What would happen if the whole world came together to meditate?

On August 8, 2014 (at noon EST), Deepak Chopra and friends were attempting the largest group meditation in history with over 100,000 participants from over 190 countries around the world.

Chopra said: “Let’s create that tipping point, that critical mass for a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier and happier world by coming together in this global synchronized meditation.” He gave us four things to focus on:

  • I Am Peace.
  • I Am Harmony.
  • I Am Laughter.
  • I Am Love.

What can you do after the event?

As Guy Needler has taught us, we can join an event space at any time, because there is no such thing as time.

That means you can JOIN this EVENT SPACE by viewing the free recording of it. It’s never too late.

To participate, please see: Chopra Center – Global meditation and go from there.

We can all embody Peace Consciousness within and spread it around our local and global environment, too.


For more information, please see:

Chopra Center – Global meditation (watch Introduction & Meditation video) & check out Twitter: #IAMPEACE

How Guy Needler Explains The Greater Reality and Oneness (Video)?

Here is another video I’d like to share with my readers. It is a recent interview of Guy Needler by UFO HUB during the Ozark Transformation Conference in June 2014. As you will see, he manages to pack this 1 hr interview chock full of information about our true selves, our multiverse, Source Entity and the Origin, our future and much more.

The greatest thing about Guy Needler is that he is a Master Teacher, who presents the information from a completely neutral and humble perspective, devoid of any fear mongering, negative thinking, self-promotion or marketing ploys.

He is as genuine in person as he appears in this video. We are lucky to have him in our midst to expand our consciousness way beyond where most of us were before we came across his work. We are very grateful for his service to All.

To view the video, please click on the link below:

Here is my transcript of the final part of the interview (at around 1 hr), which everybody needs to see, read and be aware of.

Guy Needler said: “If I was to leave the people with something to hang their hat on, because there’s an awful lot of information that I’ve picked up that is, to be honest, beyond a lot of people, and I struggle with it sometimes. But it’s there to expand our consciousness, that’s what it’s there for.

I would say this: BE OPEN MINDED. Don’t be judgmental. Accept everything and everybody as being you and you as them.

When you can work with this, then the whole point of having enemies, or friends disappears, because they’ll all become you and you’ll become them. And that’s a profound level of open mindedness, because then it allows you to access other levels of consciousness.

When you realize that everything is you and you are everything, and all the individual people out there, that are incarnate as well, are also smaller versions of a bigger entity that created you. And you’re all part of this bigger entity, and therefore, that bigger entity is you, and you’re it!

And everything around you is you, including the tables and the chairs, the clothes that we wear and everything else, then we start to have a profound understanding that we’re all in Oneness.

This is the door we need to open. It’s acceptance of Everything is One. It’s acceptance of everything is separately together. There is no separation. There’s just levels of individuality that we’ve been given to allow us to experience things in a different way.

When we know this, we can start to work with each other better, because we then start to realize that actually if we’re all One, then everything is ME and everything is YOU and everything is THEM. And they’re all Oneness.

So we start to move away from this separation, this thought of separation, this thought of true individuality. True individuality is separate, separateness. There is no such thing as separateness, there’s only togetherness.

We may be separately together for a moment in time or event space, but actually we’re all One. And therefore, that will remove the need for fighting, remove the need for wars, remove the need for “I must have this as mine and that’s yours.”

We would share everything. We would experience everything together. We would work with everybody, making sure that we all evolve together. Nobody is in competition with each other. There is no need for competition. Everything is together. And we would be a much better place.

The Earth would be a much better place. The rest of the universe would be a much better place, because it would be all working for the benefit of everything, rather than for the benefit of the individual. Right now everything is based upon individual gain. That’s limited thinking.

Expansive thinking is thinking that everything we experience is for the benefit of everything else, so why not do everything for the benefit of everybody else.

Be of service to everybody else, and they’ll be of service to you. That’s allowing us to have our expansive thinking, and that removes all barriers. It removes all individualized thinking. It removes all separate thinking. It removes all thinking that is caused by selfishness and individuality.

Recognition of one for all and all for one is what we are. Work for everybody else and they’ll work for you. And there will be no enemies, there will be no friendships, there is only Oneness.” :)


Enjoy the video!

Love to All,


P.S. All emphasis mine. Please SHARE this video widely with others.

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What Is Universal Motherhood?

This is what Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, better known as Amma (Sanskrit word for “mother”) or the Hugging Saint, had to say about universal motherhood:


Who is Amma?

Amma is a Hindu spiritual leader/guru, who began to spontaneously embrace people to comfort them in their sorrow. Her form of “darshan” [bestowal of love, light and grace] is to give people hugs, which she has been doing since her late teenage years.

Although she has never married or had children of her own, she clearly understands the healing power of unconditional love and how to embody it. It’s been estimated that she has embraced more than 33 million people over 30 years and is still going strong, reaching out to people worldwide.

“I don’t see if it is a man or a woman. I don’t see anyone different from my own self. A continuous stream of love flows from me to all of creation. This is my inborn nature. My duty is to console those who are suffering.” – Amma

What is her view on compassion?

Amma said: “For me, compassion is the most important factor in our lives. It is the first step. If we take this first step courageously, without fear, then all of our decisions and subsequent actions and their results will have a special beauty, spontaneity and power.

Human calculations may be wrong, but actions born of true compassion can never be wrong, because compassion is a law of nature.”

“If we tune the individual mind with the universal mind, compassion, then we, as individuals, are no longer really performing actions, but are merely allowing creation to act through us. And this is the power of compassion. In truth, the spiritual path both begins and ends with compassion.” – Amma

What are her teachings?

“Karma [action], jñana [knowledge] and bhakti [devotion] are all essential. If the two wings of a bird are devotion and action, knowledge is its tail. Only with the help of all three can the bird soar into the heights.” – Amma 


She accepts various spiritual practices, members of all religions and science, stating:

“Spirituality is not against science. In fact it is the ultimate science. Science without spirituality is blind. Spirituality without science is lame. We need both.” – Amma

She emphasizes the importance of meditation, selfless service and higher qualities such as compassion, patience, forgiveness, self-control, etc. and gave a great analogy:

“Where there are a thousand pots filled with water, the sun reflected in all of those pots is the same. [I'd add even if these pots are filled with any amount of water and come in any shape, size, location or level.] In the same way, although there are many individuals, it’s the same consciousness, that same Supreme God consciousness that is present within everybody.

If we can see that God consciousness, then that itself will bring unity. There’s actually no difference between the creator and the creation. When we can realize or develop a deeper understanding of the fact that we’re all actually One, then there’s no differences. Unity is the only outcome. Everything is important, everything has its place. That’s the understanding that we need to develop.”

wonder“There is an amma within all of us. There is also a child within all of us. That motherhood is there inside each and every person.” - Amma

For more information, please see:

▶ Conversations on Compassion: Amma @ Stanford University – YouTube

Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi @ amritapuri.org

Compassion is the first step in life – Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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Who Is Guy Needler?

In a previous post, Who Are the Evolved Beings Called the OM?, we learned about the energetic genre known as the OM entities, which were created by the Origin. They differ in their sentient energetic composition and function from the True Energetic Selves (supersouls) created by our Source Entity. Some OM beings choose to work with those of us on the evolutionary path, who are here to experience the minute details of our multiverse.

Who is Guy Needler?


In the physical world, people may know him as a British engineer (mechanical engineer and chartered electrical and electronics engineer), who became a reiki master, energy healer, spiritual teacher and author of several books (see below).

But in the energetic side, he is a pure OM being, which is why he (as an incarnate being) is able to project his consciousness to traverse all the frequencies and also communicate with all 12 Source Entities and the Origin at will. Those are his natural born buddies if you will! ;)

Needler is the only physical incarnate out of 5 pure OM to be “reborn” from our Source Entity, which has more OM energies associated with it than its peers. The pure OM do not incarnate very often or at very low frequencies. Needler said he hasn’t had many lives at all, but he has been in contact with his “higher self” in all his lives.

Some of his past lives took place in Egypt and Atlantis, where he retained his energetic abilities to teach people how to build structures by manipulating energy. He was able to change the atomic composition of materials by adding or removing protons, neutrons or electrons. In the same way, the molecular composition of heavy materials could be manipulated by placing all but every 3rd or 4th molecule into the nearest dimension, which left a much lighter molecular skeleton in our plane of existence.

ancient-egyptian-pyramidsThis explains how heavy materials could be easily moved by man-handling or telekinesis by one or more people to construct massive structures, such as the pyramids. Apparently, all of us can perform these feats in other planes. His teachings were better received in some lives than in others. In the Middle Ages, for instance, he was hung, drawn and quartered for his teachings. So these are much better times for him and us!

He has been teaching people to remember who they are, and how to feel and see the energies beyond this universe. As an incarnated pure OM being, he has a unique perspective from which to describe our physical universe, multiverse and omniverse and the beings within them in the energetic terms that we can now understand.

He is part of a team of evolved beings on Earth, who are helping humanity reach a critical mass to get to the great remembering or the “Age of Epiphany,” where we’ll have a higher level of understanding of ourselves and the greater reality. The sooner we remove the blinders off mankind, the faster we’ll ascend to the point, where we won’t need to incarnate in the physical universe any longer in order to evolve. Needler said this will happen pretty soon, not in his lifetime but within two generations or about 60 years or so. :)


For more information, please see:

Who Are the Evolved Beings Called the OM?

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Guy Steven Needler: The History of God (website) & 5 books:

The History of God

Beyond the Source – Book 1

Beyond the Source – Book 2

Avoiding Karma

The Origin Speaks (in publication)

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Who Are the Evolved Beings Called the OM?

In previous posts, we learned that our Source Entity created our multiverse and populated it with myriad entities that belong to several different “energetic genres.” Different genres have different levels of sentience (self-awareness). For example, some entities (e.g. human beings, dolphins) on Earth have more sentience than the entities in the plant, animal or mineral kingdom. But there is another energetic genre called the “OM” that differs from all others.

4_dolphins-3  plantAnimalMineral

What is the origin of everything? 

To backtrack a bit, we all begin with The Origin/Absolute, which is a vast, amorphic tract of sentient energetic space with no boundaries. The Origin is continually experimenting and improving itself, so it is really the created and the creation as One.

  1. The Origin’s first experiment was to create 12 Origins to try to speed up its understanding of itself. But that experiment was a bust! The Origin learned that you can’t make 12 copies of yourself and try to put them all within yourself. It had to recycle and reuse the original material and start over with Plan B. ;)
  2. In the second experiment, the Origin split itself in half and reserved one half as pure, unmanifested material. The other half was divided into 12 parts, which became the 12 Source Entities. Now the Origin could get to know itself 12 times faster!

Each of the Source Entities created their own versions of a uni/multiverse and the entities to populate them. Source Entity One (SE1) was the first by a few nanoseconds to be created by the Origin. We are part of its multiverse, which includes entities, such as humans, animals, plants, suns, galaxies, aliens, angels, etc. that can only exist within the energies of SE1.


What are the OM and where do they come from? 

Some of the original material from the first experiment didn’t get mixed or recycled very well, because it already had sentience given to it by the Origin. This material escaped and became independent as the unintended byproduct called the “OM” for Original Material/Manifestation.

  • Because the OM were the first entities to be created, they received a purity of energy that the other entities didn’t. That’s why the OM are smaller individualized units of the Origin. They are like miniature Source Entities with their own sentience or beingness.
  • But not all OM entities have the same composition or capabilities.


What types of OM are there?

There are four types of OM beings, which differ in the amount or “density” of the original material amassed by them during the recycling process.

  1. Pure OM: Their energies have enough mass to group together, break away and become completely independent of any Source Entity. They are sentient beings that belong outside of any multiverse. They move around the Origin’s area of self-awareness and within/without the 12 Source Entities. They can traverse any frequency, any dimension, event space, its components and continuum, and the space between the Source Entities and the Origin at will. They can roam freely anywhere they want.
  2. Noncaptive OM: They are still OM energy, but don’t have enough mass to become independent or to break away. They gravitate and orbit around the Source Entity they’re associated with, but they’re not held captive by it.
  3. Captive OM: They are still largely OM energy, but don’t have enough mass to be independent. They are individualized entities that can move within a Source Entity’s energy, but cannot move out of it (unless a pure OM liberates it).
  4. Hybrid OM: They have a small amount of OM energy mixed with mostly Source Entity energy. They are not big enough to be sentient beings in their own right. They exist in the higher dimensions and frequencies of a specific Source Entity.

What is the function of the OM beings?

The majority of OM are busy mapping out the areas within or between the Source Entities or the Origin, while the rest of us are busy incarnating to experience things in more profound ways. Very rarely do they incarnate as individually sentient beings, but those that are here are helping humanity ascend in frequency during Earth’s free will experiment.

  • A few OM (usually a hybrid or captive type) incarnate at lower frequencies to help their own evolution. But they have to follow the same rules as every other incarnate entity.
  • They become “deaf, dumb and blind” to their true nature. They have a loss of higher functions and memories, and they’re in the karmic cycle like the rest of us.

We cannot tell the difference between an incarnate OM being or another soul aspect projected from a True Energetic Self (supersoul) created by our Source Entity. The OM are not special when they are incarnate, although there are certain things they can do, as we’ll find out in my next post: Who Is Guy Needler?

  007_PathToHeaven copy

For more information, please see:

Guy Needler: The History of God (website) & 5 books, including his newest book,”The Origin Speaks” (in publication).

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How To Change Our World?

This ageless wisdom was given to us by Lao Tzu, but it still holds true. Now more than ever, as humanity is figuring out better ways of being and doing things.

40bcc74dfdf257cda5f3dd74ae39a06a_500 copy

All change begins within. It’s time to cross that bridge now.

Bo9u96aCcAE4UqW copy

Focus your intention and energy on the kind of world YOU desire to create. A world that you joyfully claim as your own creation, while remembering this:

“Life is eternal and there is only One of Us. These two truths are all you will ever need to know.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Happy Summer Solstice!

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How Funny Man Jim Carrey Inspired Us All (Video & Transcript)?

Here is a video I’d like to share with everybody. During a graduation ceremony for the “Class of 2017 minus 3″ at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, actor Jim Carrey revealed another brilliant side of himself talking about life lessons he had learned.

He might as well have been talking about “supersoul consciousness,” when he said:

“Sometimes the only thing that is important is just letting each other know, that we’re here reminding each other that we’re part of a larger self.

I have no limits. I cannot be contained because I’m the container. My soul is not contained within the limits of my body. My body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul. One unified field.” – Jim Carrey

Here is the 1 minute version (if you’re in a hurry): This 61 Second Video Of Jim Carrey’s Commencement Speech Will Inspire You

Here is the full 26 minute version (if you know there is no such thing as time): Full Speech: Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation – YouTube

Here is the transcript of Jim Carrey’s commencement speech (for those who prefer to read): Transcript-CarreySpeech

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is, because everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart, and all that is left of you is what was in your heart.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.” – Jim Carrey



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Who Are the New Spiritually Advanced Children?

In a previous post about the future of humanity, we learned that we and the planet are gradually ascending in frequency. We also learned that we need a critical mass of 10% of the human population to be “aware and awake” and in the right places around the planet to get enough “positive triangulation” for group ascension, where everybody is able to move up a notch. Currently, we have about 14 million people worldwide that are becoming awake and aware, so we’ll need hundreds of millions more like them. Yikes! ;)

How can the world population change that much?

The world population is changing its average base frequency for these reasons:

  1. Older generations with lower frequencies naturally age, die and leave the planet.
  2. Some higher frequency people arrived as the first, second or third waves of volunteers to a much lower frequency planet. They did their part to increase the overall frequencies locally.
  3. Newer generations are now able to incarnate as indigo, crystal or rainbow children or even higher frequency beings that affect the entire population of Earth more globally.


Who are these newer children?

Most (but not all) are other versions of us. They are other soul aspects projected from the much bigger, much higher frequency being that we call our True Energetic Self or “supersoul.”

  • They are projected as soul aspects with a higher frequency energy set, so they retain better connectivity with their supersoul during incarnation.
  • That means they have higher functionality. They can access skills that we all have in the energetic side, such as intuition, telepathy, higher sensory perception, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.

Some people call them “star children,” but that’s a bit misguided, because all star systems are part of the physical universe, which by analogy is the bottom floor of the 12-story building that represents our multiverse. Most people’s supersoul exists on the third or fourth floor (or higher) of the multiverse, which is at a much higher frequency level than any star system. Besides most of us have many lifetimes in many star systems as well as on Earth right now.


How many types of newer children are there?

There are at least six or more types of children that have been coming to Earth for some time now. There are many resources that describe these children in more detail (see below).

Each of the indigo, crystal and rainbow children have their own base frequency and their own personal and world spiritual role. They are here to help raise the frequencies of the population by triangulation, i.e. ascension through association with higher frequency individuals.

Table 1. Summary of some features of the different groups of new children.


Who are the hybrid children? 

According to Needler, Earth is not rising in frequency in a homogeneous manner across the globe. There are local areas of high frequency mixed with local areas of low frequency. The problem is that the indigo, crystal and rainbow children were not designed to work in such low frequencies, so some of them are having a hard time adapting to those areas.

That is why the newer hybrid (or “cusp”) children have a mixed energy set, some with indigo and crystal energies and others with crystal and rainbow energies. This makes them more resilient and more robust, so they’re better able to cope with the lower frequencies on Earth. Needler said: “They are infinitely more effective than the previous three genres of spiritually advanced children.”


Who are the White children?

Guy Needler has described a brand new breed of children, whose energetic genre is at the level of ascended masters. There are only going to be 12 of them born in total. Each child will be the only soul aspect projected from their True Energetic Self (supersoul) into the physical.

  • These children will be born sequentially over the next 50 years, not all at the same time. They will be spread out across the globe in an equidistant geometric manner.
  • They will become slowly aware and awake and will have to work on themselves, but their level of wakefulness and functionality will be much higher than the average person.
  • All of these children will affect the population in the same way as true ascended masters (e.g. Jesus). But some may choose to work in very passive ways, while others will end up being spiritual leaders.

Their mothers also come from a very high level, around the sixth to eighth full dimension of the multiverse. They are very pure and highly evolved individuals, who incarnate without karma and are protected from accruing karma during their one and only lifetime on Earth. Their role is to give birth to, raise and protect the White child. Needler met the mother of one such child in Beijing, China this year.


Final Thoughts

The good news for humanity is that we are getting a lot of help from these newer generations of children. We will not be stuck at the lower frequency levels (with war, strife, etc.) we’ve experienced in our lifetimes, but can look forward to our children and grandchildren continuing the job we started. The future of humanity looks to be divinely guided and protected! :)

000000000000000000000000000For more information, please see:

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Dumari Dancoes: Effective, Loving, Positive Parenting – Children Lights (www.ChildrenLights.com) & traits_new_children

Doreen Virtue: Is Your Kid a Rainbow Child? – Doreen Virtue – Heal Your Life & Star Children & Doreen Virtue | official Angel Therapy Web site | Angel Therapy Articles

Annie Macdonald: Rainbow, Crystal & Indigo Children | Annie Macdonald, M.S. — Spiritual Healer • Medium • Reiki Master

Sandra Weaver: Rainbow Children are Fearless Avatars and a Ray of Hope for the Planet

DMGDigital: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

Jessica Dao: Children of the Stars – Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children | The Pyramid of Light

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What Is Principle #6 of Supersoul Consciousness: Pre-Life Planning?

In previous posts, we discovered the concept of “supersoul consciousness” put forth by Ian Lawton in his book “Supersoul.” Lawton has formulated a set of 10 principles that describe this newer spiritual worldview. His work corroborates what Guy Needler has published on the greater reality. Lawton’s Principles #1-5 about Soul probes, Personality, Time, Incarnation and Karma were discussed previously.

Lawton’s Principle #6. Our supersoul chooses our ‘birth givens’, and these vary considerably. They include our own sex, our main psychological and physical traits and propensities – in terms of both challenges and strengths – and the socio-economic position and geographical location of our parents. On that basis we’re here to ‘paint the best picture we can with the palette we’ve been given’. Other than that any pre-birth planning of events in our adult lives, or ‘soul contracts’ with others, are probably kept to a minimum to give us maximum free will to direct our experience. It’s also unlikely that most of us have a preplanned ‘life purpose’, because again this would tend to detract from our free will to follow whatever purpose we desire – and to change that purpose, should we so choose, at any time.

Here Lawton argues against much pre-birth planning, contracts etc., because he prefers the “single life model” of incarnation, where a soul only has one life to live and needs to get the maximum experience from that life. While that may be true for some souls, most supersouls project many soul aspects, and each soul has many lives that are carefully planned.


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

How do we plan our incarnation?

Our True Energetic Self/supersoul uses the Akashic records (a database outside the physical universe) to figure out how a lifetime might benefit its growth. The supersoul has to choose among a number of variables:

  1. Whether to project a whole soul aspect or a smaller shard of an aspect to incarnate?
  2. Where in the physical universe to project that aspect for a lifetime, i.e. what location or star system, what type of entity (collective or individual), what type of physical form (human, alien, planet-associated or other form), what frequency level?
  3. What type of soul aspect would work best to animate the entity?


Not all souls are created with the same energy composition. Depending on the goal of the incarnation, the supersoul has 3 ways to create a soul aspect (or shard):

  1. A brand new aspect made of new or unused energies separated out of the supersoul, if the lifetime is about new experiences.
  2. An existing aspect made of the same or recycled energies, if the same or similar experiences are wanted OR if that aspect has karmic links to work out.
  3. A hybrid or combination of previously used aspects that provide certain existing skills and knowledge for the lifetime.

How do we choose a physical body?

The “birth givens” are chosen based on the potential life span of the body, its environment, geographic location, family, education, gender, life mission or world role and the challenges expected from being born in that environment.


  • Most of us have been everything in terms of gender, race, religion, country, continent, etc. spanning many eras and civilizations.
  • There are several posts in this blog that have discussed how and why we choose to incarnate in human vs. alien/ET forms, and how we use different blueprints, imprints and overlays to add to our experience here (see list below).

Is the plan fixed or malleable?

Since we have individualized free will on Earth, the plan is not set in stone. It’s malleable and can be changed or re-written as our circumstances change. But when we have a strong feeling about doing something in a certain way, it is likely part of the ingrained plan.

What about agreements and contracts?

There are many types of agreements or contracts, that are planned and arranged before incarnation with the people we are likely to meet in our lifetime. It is possible to have more than one contract with the same person at the same time.

  • We make 5-20 different mate agreements with different people and choose from over 80 different reciprocal contracts in every lifetime, as discussed. All these agreements may be re-written or cancelled as needed by our changing circumstances.
  • The contracts represent a handful of issues that include safety, security, persecution, manipulation, control, trust, approval, abandonment, competition, cooperation and lack. These issues are played out on Earth and in many star systems as discussed.

For example, you can push your agendas and beliefs as a Lyran or a human being. You can be a stubborn Pleiadian or human. You can play out dominance, control, manipulation and oppression in the Orion system as well as on Earth.

  • The same vibrational experiences are often played out with a similar cast of characters, particularly if unresolved karmic ties still exist.
  • But the issues are seen from different points of view, and experienced with a different emotional range and a different capacity for compassion, depending on whether the stage is set on Earth (“planet of emotions”) or elsewhere in the universe.

59597_394876480588587_228417805_n copy

What is the difference between concurrent, sequential, simultaneous or parallel lives?

This can get pretty confusing unless we define the terms better. Potentially, our supersoul could project up to 12 souls at a time, and each soul could project up to 12 shards at the same time to have a total of 144 concurrent lives in different parts of the physical universe.

  • These different soul aspects (and shards) from the same supersoul would be having concurrent lives, which do not happen in any chronological order (linear time). That means one aspect could be a caveman, while another aspect could be a highly advanced transdimensional manipulator at the same time.
  • In addition, the supersoul projects the same soul aspect (like the one animating “you” right now) more than once in series or sequential lives as different species at different frequency levels and in different locations of the physical universe.
  • But each soul aspect has many free will/choice points within a given lifetime (like yours), which create parallel versions of you in parallel lives to play out different “what if” scenarios simultaneously in event space. They also contribute to your experience.

That means the soul aspect that animates “you” right now has sequential lives (in series) and simultaneous lives (in parallel) and these could number in the tens of thousands as part of your “minor evolution.” All this is happening while your supersoul is overseeing and integrating hundreds of thousands of lives as part of its “major evolution.” Eventually, the supersoul evolves beyond the need to incarnate, as described in Principle #5.

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