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This blog is all about Questions! It’s for people who are open minded enough to look for the truth in everything, while recognizing that there is no absolute truth except at Source level.

Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”

Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.”

Say rather, “I have found the soul walking upon my path.”

For the soul walks upon all paths. – Kahlil Gibran The Prophet – Wikiquote

Having come across many teachings, I see them as pieces of a dynamic puzzle, where all of them contribute to my understanding of the bigger picture. Much of this blog is based on Guy Steven Needler’s outstanding work (at the level of the 12 Source Entities and The Origin), which inspired me to share his Spiritual Science contributions [1, 2] in simpler terms, a bit like “Cliff Notes to Our Multiverse.” ;)

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For more comprehensive and detailed information, please see:

[1] Guy Steven Needler’s website: The History of God | Guy Steven Needler.

[2] Guy Needler is the author of five books: The History of GodBeyond the Source – Book 1Beyond the Source – Book 2Avoiding Karma & The Origin Speaks (work in progress).

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What Will Future Earth Changes Look Like?

In a previous post, we discovered some predictions about the future of humanity, based on the work of Guy Needler [1, 2]. The world population is changing its average base frequency, because older generations are leaving the planet and newer generations, who are indigo, crystal and rainbow children or hybrids of these energy sets are now able to incarnate on the planet [3]. Earth plays a pivotal role in the evolution of this universe, because it is the big experiment in individualized free will [1]. Happy Earth Day!

What is the function of Earth?

Earth is a living part of the structure of the universe. Like all planets, Earth is a sentient energy-based entity that is evolving and experiencing life in its own way [1].


  • Earth remains in contact with its Higher Self in the energetic realm, but it exists across ALL the frequencies in the physical universe [1].
  • The more entity types a planet supports, the more it contributes to other beings and the faster its own evolution [2]. That’s why Earth is no ordinary planet.
  • Earth hosts a greater diversity of entities than any other planet in this dimension or universe [1]. Thousands upon thousands of entities/species have projected themselves here to have an experience on the surface, inside or around the planet [1, 4].

What happened to Earth?

During the Fall of Atlantis, Earth dropped 9 frequency levels lower than where it started, which was at the top of the physical universe (at frequency band 12). The lower down the frequencies you go, the more solid the physical level gets, making the beings and the planet more dense [1].

  • It has taken over 25,000 years for human evolution to recover from the Atlantean era to where we are now. But the base frequency of Earth and the local universe is much higher now than during that era [1].
  • The planet is ascending with conscious beings on it [4]. And when Earth ascends, the whole universe can ascend [1], as described in “Ascension.”

What happens in space with Earth’s ascension? Needler explained that going up the frequency levels of the physical universe is like watching a building being constructed. At our 3D level, our eyes can only see the steel framework of the building. But the higher up you go, the more you’ll see being constructed layer by layer [3].

  • If you go up a frequency level, you’ll see a roof put in. If you go up another level, you’ll start to see the brickwork being done. At the next level up, the brickwork is in place [3].
  • Further levels up will show parts of the infrastructure, like plumbing, electrical or tiling etc. being added in successive layers [3].
  • Although our eyes and scientific instruments are very limited in the range of frequencies they can detect, even scientists are beginning to find more objects in space, including over 1000 earth-like exoplanets.


  • When we get to the 12th frequency band, we will see that the physical universe is absolutely packed or fully occupied, as all the gaps and spaces between things we see at our level get filled in by things that we don’t see right now [3].

What happens to our weather with Earth’s ascension? When we increase the frequency of something by giving it energy, it’s like heating an ice cube (lower frequency), which melts and becomes water, then steam (higher frequency) that disappears from our view, even though the molecular structure (H2O) does not change [5].

  • Similarly, we are making the planet lighter (less dense), but also higher temperature than it was, because we are ascending quite rapidly upwards [5].
  • Our ascension is the major reason for global warming, although manmade pollution (e.g. fossil fuels, radiation, methane emissions etc.) contributes to it as well [5].
  • The weather is less influenced by the position of Earth and our solar system within the galaxy and the universe, although pole shifts dramatically affect the geology and movement of magma (e.g. earthquakes, volcanoes) within the planet [5].
  • That means we are going to move out of the mini ice age that we have been in. The warmer summers will melt more glacial ice at the poles, and that will raise the sea levels and change the jet streams and topography of Earth [5].


  • As the weather system becomes aligned with an increasingly higher frequency Earth, the seasonal patterns will change across the globe.
  • Some areas are already becoming more temperate with milder winters, while other areas have more extreme weather patterns (e.g. record drought, rainfall, tornadoes, heat etc.) [5]. These patterns are expected to continue in our lifetime.


What happens to human and animal populations? We are inside a 500-year window of a major pole shift, which is historically associated with mass extinction of species. Some animals or incarnate vehicles are less able to cope with the changes than others. Presumably, humans in the future will have better technology to predict and deal with some earth changes (e.g. shift people away from vulnerable areas, build cities underground, etc.) [5].

  • As humanity transitions to higher frequencies, many species like dolphins and whales (with higher consciousness) will also leave Earth and incarnate elsewhere in the physical universe [4, 5]. They will seemingly go extinct on our planet.
  • According to Needler, other entities that currently incarnate as animals on our planet are NOT specifically aligned to a particular species (form factor) [3].


  • For example, the hive souls that are incarnating as polar bears or birds, fish, dogs, cats or whatever species may choose another vehicle to experience life within, if one type of species goes extinct on our planet [3].
  • They can also choose to go to another physical planet elsewhere to continue their evolutionary cycle [3].
  • Animals also ascend but within the context of their energy signature. Their True Energetic Selves (oversouls) are found in the bottom to middle frequency bands of the second full dimension of the multiverse [3].
  • Animals, such as dogs, cats and horses that are closely associated with humans can ascend from one type of energy being to another, i.e. jump energetic genres, but it is extremely rare and takes thousands of years [1, 3].

What can I do to help Earth? Wendy Kennedy [4] summed it up like this: “The most important thing you can do is to work upon yourselves. You are holographic in nature. What happens to the microcosm happens to the macrocosm. You are not separate. You are connected. So if you see something that you want to change in the world, look at what is going on in your life that is perhaps reflecting the issue to you on a personal level?” All change begins within.

  • Eventually Earth will die in physical terms, but not in energetic terms. Earth will progress along with the rest of the planets in our solar system, which move to the next level of evolution before our Sun physically dies [2].
  • Humanity will also be long gone from the physical before all that happens [2].


“God is a process, not the result of that process, but the process itself. The process of creation is never complete, never done. And you are part of that process.” – Neale Donald Walsch

For more information, please see:

[1] Guy Steven Needler: The History of God | Guy Steven Needler

[2] Guy Steven Needler: Beyond The Source – Book 1 | Guy Steven Needler

[3] Guy Steven Needler: Personal communication

[4] Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013 higherfrequencies.net/product/the-great-human-potential-walking-in-ones-own-light/ &  Higher Frequencies – Transcripts

[5] Guy Steven Needler: World Satsanga Teleconference, March 29, 2014

What Will the Future of Humanity Look Like?

In a previous post, we discovered the importance of spiritual triangulation and how it affects individuals and groups across the globe by raising their base frequencies [1, 2, 3, 4]. As Guy Needler and others have said, it is a natural function of the universe to ascend or to expand into higher frequencies. But what does that mean for the future of humanity? What sort of changes are we likely to see in our lifetime and beyond? Could these changes be predicted?

Why predictions or prophecies don’t come true?

When it comes to predicting the future, nothing is written in stone. Many predictions or prophecies do not come to pass. There are a number of reasons for this:

“True time moves forward not with the tick of a clock but with the making of a choice. Until a choice is taken, the future is not determined.” – Montalk [5]


  1. Time: there is no such thing as time [1, 4]. Time and timelines don’t really exist in the higher dimensions. All time is simultaneous, which means that if you change the now, you can change the future, and changing the past is just as flexible [4]. What exists instead of time is spherical and holographic event space [1].
  2. Event space: it is a parallel environment that may be localized (like a bubble) around a single person, a group of people or collective humanity. It creates itself whenever we come to a fork in the road, where we make a decision between 2 or 3 or more possibilities, e.g. going left, right, straight or in reverse. We are constantly moving from one event space to another to play out different “what if” scenarios that give us feedback. That’s how we learn about cause and effect [1].
  3. Parallel lives: event space creates multiple versions of “you” living in parallel lives to explore various paths, which look like the branches of a tree. A clear, strong intention creates a thick branch, while indecision or changing your mind makes thin branches or dead ends. All these versions of “you” (their numbers go up/down from say 200-10,000+) think they’re the only one playing the game [1].
  4. Free will: humans incarnate with individualized free will, so we get to choose what to do and how to do it, no matter how it affects others. We choose which personal or group or collective event spaces to jump into. That makes us creator beings, who are learning to take responsibility for our actions [1].
  5. Psychic/medium/channel: a prediction made by a person (any entity) is based on their own frequency, which determines their level of access and their ability to perceive and interpret the data they can access [4]. Given what we know about event space, chances are they are seeing only a fraction of the possibilities out there, which means their information is limited to their perspective.

Is humanity really ascending? 

The overall base frequency of the human population is gradually increasing [4]. Our frequencies are much higher now than say 2,000 years ago when Jesus incarnated to jumpstart human evolution on a much lower frequency Earth [6, 7].

  • Many masters have incarnated as high frequency aspects (souls) with all their higher functionalities intact. They know who they are and where they come from. They also know they have a specific role to play and are not afraid of death. It’s as if they came in with all their senses intact [6].
  • We, on the other hand, are born cut off from our memory set, unaware of our origin or abilities, and think we are the body or the ego and are afraid to die [6].
  • Needler said it’s as if we came into this world with no senses (deaf, blind and dumb) and we’re asked to drive a car, based on the directions given by a backseat driver who tells us where to go, when to brake, stop, turn, etc. [6].
  • That makes human lifetimes more difficult, but also more profoundly experiential, which fast tracks the evolutionary content accrued by our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Godhead) [6]. Your True Energetic Self will thank you later! :)

What are some signs of our ascension?

Needler explained that it’s like watching a pot of water come to a boil with some air bubbles rising, expanding, coming to the surface to disappear into thin air [4, 6].


  • The physical level gets less and less solid at higher and higher frequencies. People that are ascending start to disappear from physical perception [4, 6].
  • People that are not keeping up with us will start to move out of our lives (e.g. some family and friends). Others may enter our lives and progress beyond us and start to disappear, so we lose contact with them [6].
  • Generally, we will not notice any big differences, except that the higher up we go, the easier it will be to access more of our higher functions (e.g. empathic intuition, telepathy, etc.) [6].
  • More technology (e.g. free energy devices) will become available to inventors or semi-aware individuals, who receive higher cosmic knowledge usually without being aware of it [4].
  • Scientists will discover more things in space, which is absolutely packed with things [6]. As we ascend, each frequency level adds another layer on top of the previous layer, so the space between things gradually gets filled in, as shown in part below (Source).


  • Our eyes and scientific instruments are very limited in what they can detect. But our scientists are beginning to see more. For example, the number of exoplanets have gone up from 300 to over 1000 earth-like planets visible to us now.

Why do we still have hotspots of war and strife on Earth?

There are certain locations on Earth, in which a few low frequency individuals, corrupt leaders or groups engage in low acting behaviors, that may drag down the frequencies of others in the local area by “negative triangulation” [4, 6]. That seems like the opposite of ascension.

  • But these low frequency hotspots actually serve to expose the perpetrators committing the atrocities to many people around the world [4].
  • This catalyzes the higher frequency individuals to band together in large numbers to support a common cause (e.g. stop wars, atrocities, etc.). That causes a much stronger “positive triangulation” effect on many other people across the globe [4, 6].
  • We may not even realize that there has been a dramatic 60% decrease in warfare around the globe within our lifetime. This trend is illustrated below (Source):


  • Similar worldwide responses are also seen after natural disasters (e.g. tsunami, earthquake, etc.) or terrorist attacks, such as 9/11, which generated a high frequency “grid of compassion” instead of a low frequency fear response that the perpetrators had intended [7].

What is the critical mass required for group ascension?

Collective change begins with each individual person. According to Needler, we are progressing faster than ever before and faster than expected. We are about a quarter of the way on a logarithmic evolutionary curve, which started off very slowly, but is accelerating now [6].

  • The critical mass required to pull everybody up in the so-called “group ascension” is 10% of the population, according to Needler [6].
  • Given the world population of 7 billion today, 10% means we need about 700 million people to be “awake and aware” to get enough positive triangulation for group ascension [6].
  • Right now about 14 million people are becoming awake and aware. But if those people are in the right places to effect localized triangulation, you can get pockets of group ascension taking place [6].
  • Essentially, it comes to the replacement of lower frequency individuals by higher frequency individuals, which will take about 60 years or two generations to get to the critical mass [6]. Image: World population growth by regions.


The world population is changing its average base frequency rapidly due to these factors:

  1. Older generations with lower frequencies naturally age, die and leave the planet [6]. Many arrived as the first, second or third waves of volunteers to a much lower frequency planet and did their part to increase the overall frequencies [8].
  2. Newer generations are now able to incarnate as indigo, crystal or rainbow children or as hybrids of these higher frequency energy sets, which work better in our current environment [6]. Who are these children? They’re other aspects (souls) projected from our True Energetic Self, i.e. they are us, too [6].
  3. We will have a natural dip in the total population on Earth, because of a reduced birth rate in places like China and India [6].


What would you like your future to look like?

The future of humanity depends on the creator being embodied in you. What would you like to create out of all the possible possibilities in event space?

  • Here are some choices: A worldwide financial collapse to get back at the bankers? An asteroid strike for a quick exit? The collapse of the entire civilization, like back in Atlantis? To go back to simpler days or caveman days? To reboot humanity in another location? Perhaps a new lifestyle with no work, no structure, no boss? Are you ready to adapt to that lifestyle? How would it serve you and others?
  • Which event space do you want to jump into and share as an experience with the collective? These are all questions we have to answer for ourselves.
  • Earth is a very special, biologically diverse “planet of emotions” with the highest highs and the lowest lows [7], which provides a fast track for evolution for many levels of energetic and sentient beings, including those that choose to take a human form, animal, plant or mineral form to live here, to experience things, to evolve from all the “what if” scenarios they’ve created for themselves [1, 4].

We’re all here, because we wanted to be in the movie, to star in it, to write and revise the script as we go along, and not just watch it as a reality show from the higher dimensions. We need to make the most of our unique selves and our precious time here.


NOTE: The next post will explore related topics, including earth changes, climate changes, species extinctions, the development of artificial intelligence and robotic forms on our planet.

For more information, please see:

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How Does Triangulation Help the Evolution of Individuals and Collective Humanity?

In a previous post, we discovered what happens when we evolve and go through the gradual ascension process, which means expansion into the higher frequencies of the physical universe [1]. In this post, we’ll take a look at spiritual triangulation and how it helps the collective humanity evolve on our planet, based on newer information provided by Guy Needler and others [1-7]. What is triangulation? When people hear the term “triangulation,” they may think of tracking a mobile phone by using three cell towers to pinpoint its location. However, this method has been used since antiquity for many purposes, such as navigation, surveying, map making, etc. [4].


Triangulation is also a concept used in psychology, sociology, politics and spiritual science [1, 3, 4, 5]. What is spiritual triangulation?  Simply put triangulation means that we are affected by the company we keep. When we keep “good” company or associate with higher frequency individuals, our base frequency is elevated, too [5].

  • This is why spiritual students/adepts have often studied under a teacher/guru, whose knowledge, wisdom and higher frequency presence could greatly benefit them.
  • When like minded people start to work together either in person (e.g. live workshops) or online as a group (e.g. internet workshops, forums, teleconferences, etc.), the group will have an average frequency, which is based on the individuals present [5].


  • The rule of thumb is that those with a lower frequency are dragged up to the group average, while those with a higher frequency are not dragged down, because they know how to maintain their own base frequency and act as a beacon, tuning fork or catalyst for others in the group [5, 6].
  • When 3 or more groups work together in different geographic locations around the globe, the people in the middle also get affected in some way by the higher frequency work, even if they’re not members of the group [5].


  • It’s like turning up the volume on a radio station (with higher frequency content), so more people can hear it, become aware of the content, get attracted to it, want to change and evolve [6].
  • When enough people create similar vibrational frequencies, their signal is amplified and broadcast more widely, so that it’s more easily available to others in the area [6].
  • This is how we can get collective ascension as a result of individual and group ascension or expansion into the higher frequencies [5].

What is a metaconcert? This refers to linking together of minds to create a group (collective) to do a task, create something, or process information, i.e. focus their intention and energies toward a common goal [3].

  • The synergetic effect of the group is much greater than the sum of the individuals [3].
  • For example, if 9 people are linked together in a metaconcert (e.g. online meditation), the power of the group is amplified, so that it is equivalent to 9 squared = 9 x 9 = 81.


  • Some people may use tone and sound (e.g. human voice, mantra, song, etc.) that resonates within their bodies in addition to their clear, strong intention to amplify the signal [1, 6].
  • By the Law of Entrainment, all frequencies tend to synchronize. That means a weak lower frequency naturally increases to match a stronger higher frequency. The natural flow of life is always higher towards Source [6]. That’s why ascension is for everyone [1].

How can we increase our own frequency? First, you have to have a clear, strong intention to work with higher frequencies, which is the first part in any creation (i.e. intention-thought-action-creation) [1].

  • There are some “Simple Rules” to existing in the physical, as summarized by Guy Needler: “Observe, experience, record, remember, reflect, forgive, forget, experientially understand, love, rise above, exist in ultimate knowledge, reflect again, progress [7].”
  • He also published a book on how to avoid karma, which happens when our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Godhead) is karmically linked or attracted to some lower frequency level within the physical universe [7]. The TES needs to return to those levels to break the karmic cycle, so it no longer needs to incarnate in the physical universe (i.e. frequency bands 1-12) [7].
  • That means most of us are still trying to deal with and process trigger issues, like persecution, safety, security, manipulation, control, trust, approval, abandonment and separation [6]. These can be reflected in our own life and in the collective field.
  • The goal is to see where they are playing out in your field, to observe them as rather interesting “vibrational selections,” and to see why you chose to explore them, how they served you, rather than to judge them or get charged by them [6].
  • Remember, there are no victims or villains, because all of it is your own creation, and you are on the exact version of reality that you wish to be on in this moment [6].

What about people who are “asleep?” It is a natural function of the multiverse to ascend, and that means ascension is for everyone [1]. But it doesn’t mean that we all ascend at the same time or at the same rate [1, 6]. images

  • We all have individualized free will to make our own choices, as described previously.
  • Some people choose the scenic route or the slow, dirt road instead of the fastest highway [6].
  • Others simply choose not to access certain zip files or universal records (available to all) that would forever change their 3D game [6].
  • Many people who have “awakened” their spiritual side get annoyed with others, who have not and are still “asleep.” This reflects an attitude of superiority and goes back to judgment and competition, rather than acceptance and allowance [6].

“The greatest power for change and the greatest difficulty is to change yourself.” - Tom Kenyon [6]

  • What most of us forget is that there are many versions of us playing in multiple event spaces (or parallel environments), which branch out at every decision point we encounter, as shown in the decision tree diagram (below) [1].

Vector logo circuit board tree

  • For example, there could be 250 (or 10,000+) versions of you in other event spaces, but the “you” in this event space thinks it’s the primary one, the most important one, while the other secondary “you’s” think exactly the same thing about themselves and their path [8].
  • It’s quite funny, because ALL “yous guys” are contributing to the overall evolutionary content of your True Energetic Self, as described in my post about event space.

Final Thoughts We have our work cut out, but it serves the collective better to be a wayshower, to have compassion for everybody on their chosen path.

  • If you emanate joy, love, kindness and acceptance, others will notice and they’ll want to join you, learn and do more.
  • The idea is to bring more of your higher self into the physical vehicle here, not to leave the planet to go to some other star system.
  • That means your job here is to become more aligned with your true personality (run by your higher self) and less aligned with your false personality (run by your ego).
  • That is how you will increase your own frequencies and help both the planet and the collective evolve.


“Ascension, like happiness, is an inside job, but it helps to have some friends (at higher frequencies).” - Big Picture Questions :)

For more information, please see: [1] Guy Steven Needler: The History of God | Guy Steven Needler [2] Guy Steven Needler: Beyond The Source – Book 1 | Guy Steven Needler [3] Guy Steven Needler: Beyond The Source – Book 2 | Guy Steven Needler [4] Wikipedia: Triangulation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia & Mobile phone tracking – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [5] Guy Steven Needler: The Basics of Triangulation | Guy Steven Needler & Understanding Fear and Triangulation 1 – YouTube & Understanding Fear and Triangulation 2 – YouTube & Ascension Process History and Q & A – YouTube &  21/12/2012 and Beyond -Three Tier Ascension | Guy Steven Needler [6] Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013 (higherfrequencies.net/product/the-great-human-potential-walking-in-ones-own-light/) [7] Guy Steven Needler: Avoiding Karma [8] Guy Steven Needler: Personal communication

What Happens To Our Ego, Body and Soul When We Die?

In a previous post, we learned about the rise and fall of some ancient human civilizations. Some civilizations disappeared (ascended) leaving nothing behind, while others were transplanted to start over as a readymade culture in another location on the planet. Some civilizations were wiped out by a combination of natural and manmade catastrophes [1, 2]. It’s no wonder some people have “catastrophobia” [3] or fear of dying in some major cataclysm (e.g. flood, tsunami, asteroid hit, etc.). We know these things could happen, but should we be afraid to die, possibly to lose our ego or body?

How is the ego created?

Most people associate themselves with their ego (transient, false personality), which is not who we really are [1, 4]. When we think we are the ego or the body, we start to fear death [4].

  • The ego or lower personality is created by separation, that occurs when an aspect (soul) gets projected from the much bigger True Energetic Self into the human form, which is like a wetsuit used to dip into and experience the low frequencies on Earth [4].
  • The ego will do anything it can to perpetuate itself, to stay in the low frequency material world, to stop us from moving up the frequencies, to keep our bandwidth reduced, to cut us off from our much higher frequency True Energetic Self/Oversoul/Godhead [4].

What keeps the human body alive?

The human form at its current level cannot function without getting energy from a combination of physical food and universal life force (prana), which exists as free energy everywhere in the multiverse [4].

  • The human form occupies 10 frequency bands associated with 10 energy centers (chakras), that include 3 gross physical chakras (#1-3, root, sacral, solar), 4 spirituo-physical chakras (#4-7, heart, throat, third eye, crown) and 3 purely spiritual/energetic chakras (#8-10, transpersonal, not named) [4].
  • Life force is collected by the lower 7 chakras at different frequency levels and circulated throughout the body by a complex energetic network made of the major/minor/mini chakras, central Hara line, meridian lines, auric layers and other energetic functionalities that support the human vehicle with all the organs, tissues and cells within it [1, 4].

Images: Major chakras with their front/back cones (left) & complex energetic network (right)

chakra_man1 copyChakra-Directions

  • Each major chakra is associated with a corresponding auric layer, which combine to form an aura (ovoid energy field) around the body.
  • The central Hara line runs vertically to connect the gross physical body with the True Energetic Self/Godhead above and to ground the body to Earth below [1, 4].
  • The core star is the essence of who you are, the location of your soul and your individual energetic signature, which is located in the center of the body just above the navel. It is the source of your physical body’s energy and where the spirituo-physical energetic content sits [1].

Images: Aura & Hara line (left) & core star (middle) with a closeup of core star (right)

healthy-hara-500pxcore-star-300pxJedrna zvezda

What happens to our life force, soul and body after death?

When the physical body demises, it generally takes 3 days for all the life force (prana) to leave the body [4].

  • During transition, the energetic aspect (or soul) that was animating the body has to squeeze itself out of the body to return to the True Energetic Self, which is located way up higher in the multiverse (third full dimension or higher for most humans, or at least 80 levels higher than where we are on Earth) [1, 4].
  • The core star energy starts to move slowly upwards along the Hara line from the navel toward the ribcage, sternum, throat and third eye to finally shoot out of the crown chakra to join the TES at its appropriate level [4]. (This is the part where we can help our loved ones exit the body by sending them our loving, supportive energetic intentions to hasten and complete the process.)
  • The aspect (soul) does NOT get stuck at some “astral hell or heaven” level or “seventh heaven,” although it may perceive various beings and dimensional environments, as it travels through dozens of levels on its way up to the TES [5].
  • After the soul is free of the physical body, all parts of the energetic structure (e.g. chakras, meridians, etc.) disappear and become free energy that returns to the multiverse to be recycled [4].
  • If the body is cremated, the flesh and bones are converted quickly back into free energy. But when the body is buried, the decomposition process wastes some energy and takes longer to convert some tissues (e.g. bones) into free energy [4].

What happens to the ego or personality after death?

When the physical body dies and the aspect (soul) is reintegrated and re-assimilated back into the True Energetic Self (TES), the link to the ego is completely severed [4].

  • The ego dissolves after every incarnation along with the body and chakras etc. [4].
  • But the memory set associated with the personality is not lost, because the experiences stored in chakras 1-7 are passed onto our energetic aspect (at chakras 8-10), which is assimilated by the whole aspect (“total essence of separation”) before it gets reintegrated back into the TES [4].
  • Although the ego dies, we don’t lose our energetic signature or unique personality traits, desires, etc., which become part of a much bigger memory set of the TES [4].
  • In fact, the aspect that is animating “you” may become specialized over many lifetimes to have certain skills (e.g. arts, science, etc.) and functions (e.g. innovator, catalyst, leader, networker, etc.) that can be used to effect change in many places.

What happens when the aspect reaches the True Energetic Self?

When the aspect has left the physical universe and reached the much higher, much bigger True Energetic Self (TES), it can create whatever environment it wants, based on its expectations of what happens after death [5].


  • Some people see themselves as going to a healing/resting place, library, school, etc. [5].
  • But if they understand the greater reality, none of this occurs and they just become energy [5].
  • The aspect can choose to stay individualized to do a life review outside of the TES [5].
  • It can also interface with other aspects (souls) from other True Energetic Selves, such as personal guides and helpers in the most recent incarnation [5].
  • They may review things together to understand what the aspect has experienced, how it could improve on things, and whether it plans to enter into a similar experience on Earth or anywhere else in the physical universe [5].
  • When the TES finally reabsorbs the aspect, it still remains as a specialized unit with certain skills, experiences and functions, that are often reused in other incarnations [5].

What happens when you almost die?

There are many books describing individuals that have undergone a near-death experience (NDE), an out-of-body experience (OBE) or observed a past life death scene during hypnotic regression [6-9].


  • The commonly reported features include floating and viewing one’s body from above, seeing a silver (astral) cord, watching resuscitation efforts, passing through a tunnel of white light, meeting their guide, loved ones or religious figures, undergoing a life review and getting knowledge about the greater reality beyond the physical life [6].
  • Most people are transformed by their experience whether it’s perceived as a profoundly enlightening one or an occasionally disturbing one [6].

What happens in organ transplantation?

When someone is an organ donor, the organ (e.g. liver, kidney, heart, etc.) needs to be harvested quickly after death, so that it is full of life force, which leaves the body in 3 days [4].

  • This means that the transplant recipient will receive an organ, that has been animated by the donor’s life force and ego/personality since conception, which are maintained for the life of the organ [4].
  • It is not possible to reanimate the organ with the recipient’s energy signature. This may cause some energetic incompatibilities that go beyond tissue matching [4].
  • It also creates a hybrid ego or a partial walk-in condition, which may reflect the donor’s personality traits in the recipient in some ways [4, 10]. The donor and recipient may have a pre-incarnation agreement to do the transplant in some cases [4].

What happens when we are in higher frequencies?

When we evolve to a higher frequency, we will be able to dissolve our physical form at will and convert it back into free energy without having to go through the aging and death process [4].

Image: Teleportation by using outer technology (left) vs. inner spiritual technology (right)


  • We can use free energy to teleport our sentience by focusing our intention to any location in the multiverse. If necessary, we can instantly create/transmute a new physical vehicle that is suitable for that location [4].
  • This is how true masters (e.g. Babaji and others) could clone parts of their physical form to bilocate themselves to another location on Earth [4].
  • We have just forgotten that we ALL are capable of doing this in our other incarnations on a higher frequency Earth or elsewhere in the multiverse [4].

Final Thoughts

There is no need to be afraid of death, which is a transition, a release from the physical realm, a change in form where nothing is lost, because we are eternal beings and part of the Origin/The All [1].

“It is safe to be in my body. I am empowered most when I am in my body.” - Wendy Kennedy

Wendy Kennedy also said: “Everyone who has gone through a death cycle has done so willingly. There is not a single person on the planet who has died, that did not do everything they wanted to do in this life. We guarantee you, if there was anything else that they wanted to do, they would have done it. Even in death you co-create with others [11].”

“Do you think that just because you’ve died you stop creating? Now the reason you do not stop creating when you die is that you don’t ever die. You cannot. For you are life itself.” - Neale Donald Walsch [12]

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How Do Inner and Outer Technology Affect Human Civilizations?

In a previous post, we discovered that we have been experimenting with the Human Being Project for millennia in an effort to adapt an incarnate vehicle to the changing conditions on Earth [1]. Many different prototypes have been tested at increasingly lower frequencies, because incarnation at the lower, denser levels was found to be a fast track to evolution. This is why many entities from all the local universes wanted to incarnate as humans. According to Guy Needler, we are part of the 44th civilization of humankind on Earth [1, 2].

What is the role of inner technology in a civilization?

The first race of humans (“Eden race”) lived on a higher frequency Earth, when the solar system and the universe were young [1]. They were considered to be a great civilization, because they achieved everything they set out to accomplish [1].


  • They used their inner technology (e.g. precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation etc.) to be in tune with their higher self and the greater reality [1].
  • They were also in harmony with the planet, each other and nature. They were in communication with animals and many other entities in the higher frequencies surrounding Earth [1].
  • They served themselves and each other, and were able to tap into and manipulate the energies around them for the benefit of the whole for nourishment, shelter etc. [1].
  • To us they might appear to be technologically primitive but spiritually evolved. When great races ascend to higher frequencies, they may take their whole civilization with them (including their dwellings) and leave nothing, no record of them behind [1].

What is the role of outer technology in a civilization like Atlantis?

Outer technology or energy-based machines were invented to give people more time to communicate with their higher selves, to relax, socialize and find themselves [1].


  • Over time, the outer technology gradually replaced all the natural processes that people had used to link up with their higher self and to manipulate and control energies [1].
  • The more machines or automated devices were created, the more people forgot and fewer people knew how to maintain, let alone improve the machinery [1].
  • The machines were used for everything from purifying the energies in food, water, atmosphere, watercourses and Earth’s auric levels to climate control, weather modification, replenishing water supplies, cleaning and rejuvenating the body’s energy system, transportation, communication, etc. [1].
  • Atlanteans were master technologists, who used crystals for projecting and controlling energy to manufacture things. Some of their physical technology worked in combination with spiritual energies [1]. Image (below): Atlantean fire crystals


  • They were also good at bioengineering and modified their human form genetically for physical and social reasons [1]. They created many types of hybrid beings that were part human/part animal (e.g. centaur) or hybrids of different animals to do certain jobs or functions (e.g. war, manufacturing, sex, etc.) [1]. They were playing God!
  • The Council of Twelve are the guardians/overseers of the 12 dimensional levels. They were supposed to have oversight of the Atlantean culture, but mistakenly left them alone to create what became a “circus civilization” [1].

What caused the spiritual “Fall of Atlantis?”

The Atlantean era lasted many thousands of years and went through three major phases [3, 4]. There are many divergent accounts of Atlantis (recalled from many event spaces) with multiple players donning the roles of light and dark forces in duality [3].

  • Atlantis had many star influences, including the foundational energy of Orion mixed with Sirian, Pleiadian and other minor systems [3, 4].


  • The Atlanteans started out as a highly advanced incarnate race that worked and created with much higher frequencies than where we are now [1].
  • Their descent was very quick [1, 3]. At first they were able to dip into the lower frequencies at will, but not get attached to their experiences [3].
  • But then it became more difficult to stay in density, because they remembered (using their heart center) that they were multidimensional beings. They kept popping into and out of density [3].
  • That’s when they created the “mind” to be a filter for the 3D linear perspective, to see themselves as experiencing only one version of reality [3]. The mind could hold attachment and create distortions, such as fear and separation [3].
  • Later on they became intoxicated with the lower frequency experiences, such as socializing, status seeking, materialism, sexual exploits and prowess, ego, manipulating their bodies and physical appearance (beauty was power), etc. [1].
  • By the end, the people became much too engrossed and distracted by the physical experiences, which dropped their frequencies to the bottom. They lost their connection with their higher self and Source [1].

What was the Atlantean era really about?

From our perspective, it serves us to look at the bigger picture, to see how and why we co-created the Atlantean era after deciding to step into density [3]. Some say Atlantis was an attempt to create an idyllic society, in which technology and nature could work in harmony together [4]. Others consider Atlantis as a trial run for ascension [3].

These were some of the issues that polarized the Atlantean civilization [3]:

  1. free will (will of many/the collective vs. will of one/the individual).
  2. inner technology (spiritual/natural/power of love/heart) vs. outer technology (science/machinery/love of power/mind).
  3. integration of divine feminine and divine masculine energies.
  4. competition (either/or) vs. cooperation (both), persecution (us vs. them) [3].

This type of conflict between the more scientific and more indigenous communities is common with all planets that have not integrated their polarity yet [4]. Similarly, in Atlantis there were three major factions [3]:

  1. White Robes – didn’t want to interfere with Earth in any way; humanity’s wishes were not important at all; things simply were as they were [3].
  2. Dark Robes – didn’t care what happened to the planet; it was about personal satisfaction and power; they were doing experimentation undercover [3].
  3. Grey Robes – were beginning to integrate the view that we can work with Earth and with our own desires and find the middle ground [3].

What caused the physical “Fall of Atlantis?”

Guy Needler said that the civilization was “cleansed” or allowed to burn itself out after the entities went back to the energetic first, and that we as sentient beings were part of the decision to cleanse [5].


  • The level of cleansing depends on what needs to happen to allow us to progress. There may be many different degrees of cleansing, which are played out in the different event spaces that pertain to Earth [5].
  • A cascade of catastrophic events took place [4], but the area of Atlantis did not sink [1]. The land was flooded by the Mediterranean Sea and covered with molten lava from earthquakes and schisms in the crust [1].
  • Afterwards, Earth’s ecosystem was re-established with the help of nature spirits, plants and animals for later reintroduction of a pure race of human beings [1].

What was the next civilization?

According to Needler, our version of the human form has been around for about 100,000 years. The same version of human was given a second chance to start again [1].


  • The Source Entity took a chunk of the earliest Atlantean civilization and inserted it into another timeline on Earth in the area we now call Egypt [1].
  • A readymade civilization just suddenly appeared on the scene. A few thousand people were implanted with everything from housing, shops, agriculture, industry etc. [1].
  • Their spherical memory was removed, so that they could not remember the later events in linear time [1].
  • A few very experienced incarnates, who had all their energetic abilities intact, acted as guides. Their job was to teach the new race how to be successful while physical, how to build structures (e.g. pyramids) and devices to harness and store energies, how to use natural resources and all the other basics [1].
  • When the guides returned to the energetic side, they left some teachers in place, which over time became corrupted and established another power-based civilization that decayed [1].

What are the issues today and in our future?

According to Needler, Earth has dropped 9 frequency levels lower than where it originated, which is why many old Atlanteans are here today to help the planet recover from its descension [1]. Everybody had a lifetime in Atlantis or took on an imprint of one before incarnating here [3].

  • It has taken 25,000 years for human evolution to recover from the demise of the Atlantean culture to the point where we are now [1].
  • The big difference is that the base frequency of Earth and the local universe is much higher now than during the Atlantean era [1].
  • It’s also much higher than 2,000 years ago, when Jesus came to show us how to be in the world (with free will) without becoming addicted to low frequency actions [6].
  • Most people today are totally dependent on physical tools (e.g. internet, cell phones, etc.) rather than their spiritual/energetic tools (e.g. telepathy, empathic communication, telekinesis, etc.), which they forgot are still available to them [1].
  • We are experiencing the most basic things in a profoundly limiting way, which leads us to evolve fast [6]. We are starting to move upwards and are progressing quite well [6].

Needler also explained that the man/machine interface will progress to the point, where it will prolong the lifespan of the physical vehicle, so that an aspect can experience more while in it [6].


  • We are already using artificial body parts in regenerative medicine (e.g. prosthetic limbs, robotic arms, bio-engineered tissues and organs, etc.).
  • But it will NEVER progress too far, because the mechanical functionality is just a substitute for the functionality (e.g. telepathy, telekinesis, molecular manipulation, etc.) we ALL have at will in the higher frequencies [6]. We don’t need a limb to move something we can move by telekinesis. We’re all masters at some level.
  • The good news is that we and the planet are ascending now! :)


For  more information, please see:

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How Did the Human Being Project Develop on Earth?

In a previous post, we learned that we are both the creator and the created, and that we are the tool the creator uses to turn concept into experience [1, 2]. This accelerates the evolution of our True Energetic (Higher) Self/Oversoul and our Source Entity/Creator and is part of the much bigger experiment, in which the Origin/Absolute is experiencing Itself through Itself [1].

What did our Source Entity discover?

The 12 Source Entities (created by the Origin) projected part of themselves to the lower levels to experience things first hand [3].

  • Source Entity One (creator of our multiverse) discovered that its creations varied at different levels [3].
  • At higher frequencies, the entities were more fluid or formless, while at lower frequencies, they were more formed and locked into one set of frequencies [3].
  • Exploration of the lower levels required a vehicle/body that matched the density at those levels. That is why smaller entities were created [3].
  • Their goal was to recognize self and others, experience, evolve, give feedback and return to Source [3].

What is the Human Being Project?

A group of highly evolved (at the time) entities wanted to project themselves into the lower frequencies to accelerate their evolution [1, 4, 5].


  • This group became specialized for a moment in the “Human Being Project” [4]. Their work was overseen by our Source Entity [5].
  • The entity we call Lucifer was part of this group. He studied the Akashic records and determined that evolution could be accelerated by allowing humans to incarnate with individualized free will instead of collective will [1]. Lucifer didn’t tell the group that humanity could also drop down to the lowest levels, which is what happened [1, 4].
  • But the rapid “Fall of Man” gave the opportunity for humanity to pull itself out of the lowest levels to make the greatest advance in evolution [1].
  • We ALL run the incarnate program, because we are part of it [5]. We have many guides and helpers, who figure out the logistics and potential learning opportunities in every incarnation, as explained in “How and Why We Incarnate on Earth” Part 1Part 2.

How was the human form developed?

Needler explained, that we have been experimenting with hybrid incarnate vehicles for millennia, as a method to adapt to the changing low frequency environment on Earth [1, 5].

  • The goal was to make a self-perpetuating, independently operating, living vehicle that was programmable from the Spirit side, but could use the surrounding energies to maintain itself [1].
  • The most difficult part was to create a physiological interface, that was programmable by Spirit. This was done by using the ribonucleic acid (RNA) found in every cell. This means our whole body is in contact with Spirit through RNA [1].


  • The RNA is a two-way communication medium, which is first programmed by the etheric template and etheric body (auric levels 1 and 5). It then transmits the information to the nuclear DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which passes the information through RNA to proteins that create the particular cell types and organs we need in our bodies [6].
  • The human body is a very unique vehicle, which exists in three planes of existence at the same time. This “3-in-1” concept means our chakras 1-3 are physical, chakras 4-7 are spirituo-physical (astral) and chakras 8-10 are purely spiritual [6].

What are the different phases of the Human Being Project?

Many prototypes of the human form were developed. The goal was to make a self-sustaining physical body that would last long enough to allow beings to experience things in the physical universe [1].

1. The earliest prototype was a lighter human form, that was occupied by entities at a higher frequency, when the planet was not as dense as today [1].


  • The entities were able to enter and leave these lighter bodies at will. They looked almost translucent, glowing or waif-like and were able to collect a lot of universal energy from Spirit to sustain themselves [1].
  • They were not as susceptible to infectious agents (e.g. bacteria, viruses). At higher frequencies, the denser matter would pass through the body and at lower frequencies, the higher frequency cells would repel the lower frequency bacteria [1].
  • But these bodies were not very robust or able to survive at lower densities at all [1].

2. The second stage involved a denser body, that was more robust and could exist at lower frequency levels [1].

  • To have longevity, the body needed to get nourishment from both physical and universal energy sources. This led to the development of energy processing and distribution systems (e.g. circulatory system, digestion/metabolism and brain for central control of physiologic processes) [1].
  • As more entities incarnated into denser levels, the more experiences they had, the more they evolved, when they returned back to the energetic side [1]. It was amazing!
  • Incarnation became a “fast track” to evolution, so many beings wanted to do it [1].
  • But there were only a limited number of human forms, which had to be created directly from spiritual energy at this point [1].

3. The third stage involved human reproduction with three main attempts to make more bodies for incarnation [1]:

(1) Unlimited cloning: The original higher frequency body would go out of phase with itself, so that it could create two (or more) clones of itself with half (or less) the density [1].

  • The cloned bodies would then increase their cell count to whatever was required at the lower density level [1].
  • The beings discovered that the more clones were made, the more diluted the master plan became. This created mutations and energy disharmony of messages going back/forth between Spirit and the body [1].
  • Also because the clones were all linked together, the mutations in one clone affected all the other incarnate humans [1]. Errors occurred both at the master plan and human level, so this method did not work well [1].


(2) Limited cloning: The master body created only one copy at a time. When the copy became worn out, another clone was created by cell division. At this point, the human body was at a higher frequency than our current level, so it was able to communicate with Spirit [1].

  • The group of souls incarnated in human bodies were disconnected physically from each other, but spirits were allowed to share the limited number of bodies. Thus, 3-4 spirits could inhabit one body simultaneously or sequentially or jump from one body to another for a different experience, which created distorted energy imprints, that took a long time to recover from on the spiritual side [1].
  • When errors/mutations occurred, they were passed onto the next body and accumulated over time, so the life span of clones was reduced. The errors also affected the disincarnate spirits through energetic disharmonies [1].
  • This method didn’t provide enough physical bodies for all the entities from all over the known and local universes, that wanted to incarnate as humans to accelerate their evolution [1].

(3) Modern reproduction: Two major changes were made to counteract the earlier problems: (a) the link to the rest of Spirit was removed during incarnation, and (b) reproduction was internalized [1].

  • The initial experiment used hermaphrodites, that grew their own replacement internally [1]. They still had the problems of copying errors and variable immunity, where one body could survive a viral infection, but a number of other bodies would die out. This method was not reliable and did not provide enough bodies either [1].
  • The next experiment was to split the hermaphrodite into separate male and female parts, which were housed in simpler, more robust bodies with sex organs for internal transfer of genetic material [1].


  • The “blueprint” was shared between two bodies, so the positive parts of one body (e.g. immunity) were passed on to the reproduced body (baby), while the negative parts of both parents were somewhat diluted by genetic recombination [1].
  • This was the most reliable method of reproduction, because it caused the least problems in the energetic realms. With one spirit in one body, the dysfunctional energies only affected the host itself as “karma” [1].

How did the human races develop?

According to Needler, humanoid forms were developed and proliferate in many parts of the physical universe. The physical body has been worked on for a long time [5].

  • Most of the diversity of the human form on Earth is a result of where it has been transplanted or seeded from, not because of a location on our planet [5].

faq-races_faces copy

  • For example, the white Caucasian or western European form originally came from a planet that is 117 parsecs away from the Andromeda Nebula, which is quite a distance away [5].
  • Various forms were introduced to Earth at different points in time, because it was thought that some forms would die out because of the drop in frequency. But quite a few forms survived and adapted naturally through Darwinian evolution [5]. So the human form comes from a combination of seeding and evolution.

Final points to consider:

1. Incarnation at the lower frequencies accelerates the evolution of our True Energetic Self (TES) much further than not incarnating anywhere in the physical universe.

2. Incarnation on Earth in human bodies with individualized free will provides the most accelerated growth and evolution for any aspect, which is why numerous TES’s queue up to incarnate here. Humans are not victims, they’re simply vehicles used by our aspects (souls) to experience different things here. According to Needler, there have been 43 civilizations on Earth and we are part of the 44th [1]. Most of us have participated in many other civilizations in many eras.

3. The Earth experiment is considered to be so successful, that once we (all the entities occupying human bodies) ascend out of the physical universe, all other entities (pan-energetic genre) still left in the physical universe will be given free will to accelerate their evolution as well.

Go celebrate and make the most of your life! Your True Energetic Self will thank you later. ;)

Image: Andromeda Galaxy


For more information, please see:

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Are We the Creator or the Created? Or Both?

In previous posts, we discovered that we are multidimensional beings that are smaller units or “Mini-Me’s” of our Source Entity, which created entities of all types (human, nonhuman, energetic etc.) to explore the multiverse at different frequential levels [1].

What could this look like?

This figure illustrates one way to imagine (from my human perspective) how we might fit into the bigger picture.

  • It is based on an image called “Ascension Fractal” [2], which represents a still frame of a constantly moving fractal hierarchical pattern, which is energy in motion. (This fractal has been called a “BuddhaBrot.”)*
  • The quotes are from two authors with several books about their communications with our God/Source Entity/Creator [3, 4].

“I am my Creator; I am One with my Creator; my Creator is One with me.” - Guy Steven Needler [3]


“I am in the realm of the physical, because I desire a contextual field within which to experience what I know of myself, and to experience it fully. You are the caller and the called. The creator and the created. The beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega.” - Neale Donald Walsch [4]

What is a contextual field?

Neale Walsch explained that the function of the universe is to provide us with a contextual field, in which ALL experiences are made possible [4].

  • We live within that contextual field, in which all contrasting elements (e.g. dark/light, hot/cold, up/down, male/female etc.) have to exist, so that we can experience what we are and what we are not [4].
  • In the above figure, the contextual field consists of everything we see, including the “polarized” arcs or branches going left and right of the vertical pillar of energy emanating from the Source/Creator (at the bottom).

Physicist Noel Huntley, PhD wrote: “All energy and knowledge are contextual [5].”

  • That means everything that we observe, detect with our senses or scientific instruments or evaluate in our 3D world or the rest of the universe is in the context of who is doing the observing and what their perspective or vantage point is [5].
  • Your perspective influences the reality you will see.
  • That’s why the Pleiadians say that truth is always colored by perspective, and that there are as many versions of reality as there are beings to interpret reality [6]. Some people think that this statement is nonsense, as if nothing is real. But it’s closer to the truth than you may realize.

Guy Needler has described a much greater contextual field for us to consider [1]:

  • The greater reality includes the omniverse (made of multiple multiverses), our multiverse (made of multiple universes) and the physical universe (the bottom dimension of our multiverse), in which we incarnate as humans and as many other forms to learn, experience and evolve [1].
  • He also explained how we use the special functionality called “event space” to figure out the cause and effect of every possible choice or decision point [1]. Instead of wondering which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer in event space is both, as described elsewhere.**

What is a fractal? 

The term “fractal” was coined by mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975 [5].

  • He showed that fractals are patterns of infinite self-similarity, which bring “a degree of order” to things that may appear rough or chaotic (e.g. clouds, shorelines, plants, trees, lungs, blood vessels, cluster of galaxies, stock market charts, etc.) [5].
  • No matter how many times you break down a fractal shape, you can always fracture it to smaller and smaller copies of itself, which are either identical or similar versions of the original form [5].
  • Mandelbrot used it to show how theoretical fractional dimensions could be applied to geometric patterns in nature [5].

Image: Various fractal patterns found all around us in space and on earth.


  • Neale Walsch explained that we (like all life forms) are defining and re-creating God in every single moment, since life is a tool for God to turn concept into experience [4].

What is fractal hierarchy?

Physicist Noel Huntley described a simple tree model to explain our multiverse, which is designed in a fractal holographic configuration, that has organization within organization [7].

  • Huntley said: “It is as much a work of art as a great machine or computer [7].”
  • The first fractal level is the outermost twig level, which corresponds to our Human level of consciousness. Our perception of the universe is limited to the twigs. That’s all we see in 3D, so our ego consciousness is a closed-loop system, which can become distorted, because it is cut off from its higher aspects and higher intelligence [7].
  • The second fractal level is made of the small branches, that correspond to the Soul level. The souls perceive themselves as interconnected and will not harm each other (unlike egos) [7].
  • The third fractal level is the larger branch level, which corresponds to the Oversoul level, which has an even greater integration of consciousness and awareness of the whole. For an average tree there are about seven fractal levels [7].
  • The tree trunk represents the Source level of consciousness, from which all information and energy are continuously flowing to keep the twigs and branches alive [7]. In one sense, the Source has fractured its consciousness into smaller branches and twigs, much like white light gets split up by a prism into a rainbow of colors (spectrum of frequencies) to experience different levels of Itself [7].


  • During evolution (ascension) of the Self, the lower parts (outer fractals) merge into the higher parts (inner fractals) in increasing degrees of order and return back to Source [7].
  • Arnold Keyserling noted: “Conscious beings are like fractals evolving to ever greater scales of magnitude. Along the way we follow the same basic patterns, but at each stage there are some unique variations. This variety adds spice to life…But if you know what to look for, the key fractal structures, you can look beyond the millions of trees and start to see the forest, the unity behind the great diversity of nature [8].”

What is God?

Neale Donald Walsch explained, that God is a process, not the result of that process, but the process itself [4].

  • The process of creation is never complete, never done. And you are part of that process. There is no one else. There is only one of us [4].
  • God is the energy, which you call life. Nothing stands still. Everything is energy in motion or E-motion [4].

When we understand this, we can develop respect for all life and reverence for all creation [7], including every atom, rock, tree and being.

“I have created you, so that you might re-create Me [God]. This is Our very reason for being.” – Neale Donald Walsch [4]


* The BuddhaBrot is a special rendering of the Mandelbrot set of fractals, which resembles certain depictions of the Buddha [10].

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NOTE: For a grand tour of fractals, please see this video with zooming in/out of various fractal patterns at: ▶ HD Mandelbrot Fractal Tour Guide – YouTube [9]

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What Are Sub-Incarnations and How Are They Related to Abductions?

In previous posts, we discovered that there are many ways to incarnate on a planet, based on the new information brought forth by Guy Needler [1, 2, 3]. Our True Energetic (Higher) Self/Oversoul is a fully sentient being that explores the multiverse by projecting smaller parts of itself to animate many types of beings, including human and other “alien” species at various frequencies within the physical universe. It can also “walk-in” to an existing physical vehicle. A lesser known way to incarnate is called a “sub-incarnation” [4].

What is a sub-incarnation?

A sub-incarnation occurs, when an aspect (whole soul) from our True Energetic Self first incarnates into a higher frequency vehicle, that is in the range of frequency bands (FB) 9-12 in the physical universe, but then decides to experience a lower frequency, for example in a human vehicle [4].

  • Under special circumstances, they can leave their first incarnate higher frequency vehicle in stasis, so that the entire soul can temporarily move out of that frequency energetically to occupy a lower frequency (e.g. human) body and animate that for a period of time (e.g. 60 yrs or longer) [4].
  • The reason for doing this is that the energetic entity and its colleagues (associates or peers) in the higher frequency can monitor and learn from that sub-incarnation [4].
  • When the lower frequency vehicle (e.g. human body) demises, the aspect (soul) will return to its original higher frequency body (at FB 9-12), and then continue that incarnation until its demise [4].

How is this related to abduction?

Some individuals who have been “abducted” (i.e. contacted and monitored) are actually working with their peers (associates) in their first higher frequency incarnation, who are monitoring the lower frequency vehicle used for sub-incarnation [4, 5].


  • Periodically these individuals are taken away, moved out to different frequencies (e.g. ship or some other construct) to be monitored by the peers [4-8].
  • The peers want to find out how the body is reacting to the sub-incarnation, to the environment of lower frequencies, and to see how long the body is going to last.
  • Certain tracking or monitoring devices are inserted or implanted to allow off-world monitoring of the individual [5].
  • The information gathered includes how well the vehicle is performing in its low frequency environment, how well the vehicle interfaces with the aspect (soul), what the physical environment is like, how the vehicle is adapting to changing biospheric conditions (e.g. increased sunlight, temperature, radiation, pollution, toxins, etc.), and what the experiential workload is like, etc. [5, 7].
  • All these bits of data are gathered and downloaded during the lifetime of the physical body [4].

Is there another way to sub-incarnate?

A second variation is when the soul splits off a smaller aspect of itself (not the whole soul) to sub-incarnate elsewhere [4].

  • The partial sub-incarnation allows the soul to stay in the higher frequency vehicle, while it also animates a lower frequency vehicle, such as a human form [4].
  • This is like doing two lives at the same time with the same soul [4]. (It’s a bit like Russian dolls with a larger primary and a smaller secondary incarnation. Image: View Source)


  • For example, the aspect could split itself, so that 70% of the soul energy stays with the higher frequency vehicle, and 30% is used to animate the human vehicle.
  • According to Needler, sometimes these individuals may be “slow learners” who need extra help, and may appear like “backfill people” (described in What Are the Functions of the Various Entities That Can Appear in Human Form? | Big Picture Questions) [4].
  • Typically, a person would not know if they are a sub-incarnation, but they might complain about the loss of memory, missing time or experiencing weird things during the night [4].

Invaders from Mars - Alien Abduction - UFO - Mystery & Meaning - Peter Crawford

Are abductions conducted under an agreement?

There are countless reports in the last few hundred years, particularly in the 20th Century from the 1960′s to the 1990′s, in which aliens (some with reptilian or grey/zeta features) have been abducting human beings [5, 6, 7, 8]. Some people have been repeatedly subjected to painful procedures, implants, other monitoring devices etc. [5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10].

  • The term “abduction” is a misnomer, because it comes from a place of disempowerment or a victim mentality [6, 7]. Most contacts are done under a pre-birth agreement or contract, which can be modified at any time [7, 8].
  • According to Needler and others, there are a lot of misunderstandings about some species, that may appear abhorrent to mankind, such as reptiles, snakes, insects and amoeba, which are found on Earth (as lower frequency “animal” type entities) and are also prevalent in the rest of the physical universe (as higher frequency entities) [5].
  • The form factor of an incarnate race, that is abducting human beings is irrelevant, because ALL these and many other form factors are used in both primary and secondary incarnate states, as described [5]. Abductions are done by all species [5].
  • Abductions are simply a function of monitoring the performance of the lower frequency vehicle used in a sub-incarnation [5]. In this instance, both the incarnating aspect and its peer group or associates in the higher frequency benefit from the temporary experience of one aspect in the lower frequency vehicle [5].
  • It is akin to humans monitoring animals in the wild, sedating them, taking some measurements, attaching a tracking collar, then releasing them back into the wild in a somewhat confused state until they recover from the procedure [5].


  • According to the Pleiadians, those who have boarded crafts apparently against their will, at some level know that they were in agreement with the experiences [8].
  • The same is true for all of your experiences on Earth, because everything you experience on some level is your creation [7, 8].
  • The P’s explain that doesn’t mean that you’re saying: I want to be abused. But you wanted to access more information, love and compassion in this lifetime [8].
  • They also say that you can change those agreements at any time [7]. Ask your guides to remove or adjust an implant, or turn the volume/frequency down a notch, if something is bothering you or interfering with your life [7].
  • But there are researchers and therapists, who have described some abduction cases with malevolent beings and/or mind control, presumably by some lower frequency entities [9, 10].

Are hybrid beings common?

According to Needler, your True Energetic Self has been experimenting with different hybrid vehicles over millennia as a means of adapting to changing low frequency conditions on or within various planetary bodies, stars, nebulae or wherever your physical incarnations have taken place [5].

  • All humans on Earth are hybrids, a “mishmash” of genetic material created in other places in the universe [5, 7, 8].
  • There have been several hybrid programs involving human beings, including one with the Greys/Zetas [6, 7, 8].

How did the Greys/Zetas get in trouble?

According to Lyssa Royal, the Zeta civilization was originally from Lyra/Vega and very similar to Earth [6]. They had conflict on the planet, lost touch with their spirituality after getting distracted by outer technology [6].


  • They ignored their planet, which became toxic, so their birthrate dropped and they became sterile. They had to go live underground, where their bodies began to change.
  • They tried to fix it with genetic engineering by removing their emotional expression [6].
  • But that meant they no longer could access themselves as creator beings, i.e. they lost the ability to physically procreate with each other at some point [8].
  • They had to do cloning to reproduce themselves [6, 7, 8]. But cloning led to genetic degradation over time, so their species began to die out [6]. In desperation, they put out a call for help [6].
  • The Founders, who have a foundational template of light DNA that we all carry, answered the call by creating a situation where the Zetas would interact with humans [6]. 

What happened with first contact?

As Lyssa Royal explained, the Zetas were a species that was entirely mental, but in absolute fear and desperation about its survival [6]. In contrast, humans were a species that was wildly emotional, but tried to be mental [6].

  • The two species met, but didn’t understand each other. They were like reflections or mirror images of each other. Both were terrified of each other [6].
  • The Pleiadians said that many humans carrying Lyran or Lemurian genetic material (that shared ancestors with the Zetas) wanted to help out their family that was dying out [8]. They agreed to donate their DNA for hybridization [7, 8].
  • When the Zetas began to interact with humans, they realized that they didn’t know how to have intimate connections with other species, although as a hive mind, they were quite loving beings within their own group consciousness [6].
  • The Zetas were terrified of humans, who were a species of individuals, the very opposite of a hive mind [6]. But they began to see that the same energy or frequency they feel amongst each other was felt by humans when they were with a child or an animal [6].
  • The Zetas began to learn from those humans, who were willing to teach them, instead of manifesting fear during the contacts [6].


  • The Zeta project has worked, as they have now restored their emotional centers, in part due to the interactions with all the humans in the last few generations [8]. There are millions of hybrids now [8].
  • Ironically, the Zetas didn’t know how to nurture their Zeta/human hybrid children, so they had to be taught by humans how to do that [6]. Some contact situations are related to these sorts of exchanges [7, 8].

What is the cause of memory loss? 

The 9D and 12D Pleiadian Collectives have explained, that our 3D mind is a filtering device that dismisses or throws out any extraneous data it can’t handle [7, 8].

  • After an encounter with an ET, angelic being, time travel, teleportation etc., your mind deletes the file, because it’s too much data [8].
  • If you had conscious access to all those memories, your life would be very different, as you would be trying to deal with those experiences [8].
  • Some people think that your memories and experiences were altered by some ET being or machine outside of you [8]. The truth is that your 3D mind was throwing out the data or storing it in a zip file, which you could access later in life when you were ready to look at other parts of your multidimensional being [8].
  • These days the 3D filters are dissolving, so you’re allowing yourself to access this information through your heart center, not the mind [8].
  • One of the best ways to remember that you’re not really an earthling is to have experiences with other ET beings [7, 8]. It is a game changer [7].

Do we have any privacy?

  • We have contracted with many beings to check in with us, because we thought that we wouldn’t remember anything when on Earth [7]. There are hundreds of beings that are constantly available to be with us, to help us in our incarnation [7]. We are never alone.
  • The P’s find it funny that humans don’t want anybody (including the NSA) to look at their programs or their “private stuff,” when in reality disincarnate beings are constantly observing absolutely everything about us, because they are us and we are them [7]. :)


Each moment in life was co-created for us by the lot of us to allow all of us to express an aspect of Divinity. Whatever it is that is now presenting itself as part of your creation, own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it. – Neale Donald Walsch

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What Is the Purpose of Duality and the Dark Forces?

Based on Guy Needler’s work [1, 2, 3], we discovered that we are multidimensional beings that are smaller units or “Mini-Me’s” of our Source Entity, which created entities of all types to explore the multiverse at different levels [1, 2]. This includes fully sentient (self-aware) beings like us, but also beings that are smaller than us (like particles, microbes, plants, animals etc.) and beings that are larger than us (like some other physical form factors, planets, stars, galaxies and purely energetic beings and collectives) [1, 2].

What is consciousness vs. sentience vs. life?

We live in a sea of energy [1]. Everything is energy with frequency, since frequency is the building block that energy needs to exist within a dimension [2].

“You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.” – Eckhart Tolle


“Where there is energy, there is eventually consciousness and there is life, but consciousness is not true life until it is aware.” - Guy Steven Needler

  • We are individualized sentient (self-aware) beings that are given energy to create and work with [4].
  • We explore the physical universe as many different forms, including human and non-human species and as various energetic or electromagnetic or other formed entities that still have “physicality,” because they exist within the physical universe [1].
  • Our physical universe is only the base/foundation universe of the multiverse [1]. It is within this bottom part of the multiverse, made of the lowest 12 frequency bands, where all the galaxies and various galactic beings (e.g. Pleiadians, Arcturians, etc.) are located.
  • But human beings can only detect about 20-25% of what is in the physical universe, which is absolutely packed with life forms and other things, that we do not see [5, 6].

What is the purpose of duality?

Wendy Kennedy explained that we exist in a dualistic universe with light/dark, male/female, positive/negative etc. [7]. You cannot have one side of polarity without the other [7].


  • Duality exists in ALL frequencies and dimensions in our multiverse [8]. Duality creates the opportunity for choice (or decision), which creates event space or parallel environments in which to play out all the different outcomes of different decisions to learn about cause and effect [5].
  • True duality (i.e. black and white) exists only in the physical universe, where the lowest possible frequencies are present [5]. As you go higher up the frequencies, the extremes are not as far apart as in our 3D world [7].
  • The lower frequencies have always been present within our multiverse, but attraction to them only became a problem when individualized entities incarnated to experience them in the physical universe [9].

 What are the dark forces?

According to Guy Needler, the physical universe has some parts with “lighter” (locally high frequency) areas that are most often isolated from “darker” (locally low frequency) areas [10].

  • The so-called “dark forces” are not specific to any one location, but are scattered all around the physical universe [10].
  • The dark forces are simply incarnate entities, that are drawn to and addicted to the sensations or experiences available in the lower frequencies. This addiction is called karma [9].
  • A single affected dark entity creates its own “dark” locale of low frequency. When a number of entities are affected, they synergize to form a larger collective “dark” locale (of locally low frequency) [9].
  • These dark forces can and do interfere with Earth and other planets within the physical universe [11]. But according to Needler, their adverse behavior is largely due to their addiction to low frequency or material aspects of incarnation, not a premeditated need to do dark deeds per se [11].
  • With the limited perspective of separation, beings with “us vs. them” mentality will try to destroy anything in opposition, believing that “others” must be extinguished [7]. That’s what “polarity warring” is all about: light against dark, galactic race against galactic race or nation against nation.

What are the Illuminati?

Guy Needler, Wendy Kennedy and many others have stated that there are organizations (e.g. Illuminati) that control much of the materialistic side of life on Earth (including financial, political, government, health institutions, etc.), some of which is covert.

Image: Fall of Atlantis


  • Wendy Kennedy said that the Illuminati are a continuation of the dark priests of Atlantis, who are still playing the game of amassing power and control [7]. That’s the 1% game.
  • It is very important NOT to fear the beings, who are “oppressing” you, because you are not a victim, but a co-creator of your own reality at some level both individually and collectively [7]. 
  • For example, if you’re running a program to avoid responsibility or want somebody else to tell you what to do, then some being will play that “bossy” perpetrator role in your life [7]. Your fear is like a beacon that will draw in an attack from somebody resonating at that same low frequency [7]. In order to change it, you need to change your frequency.
  • Needler said that the function of the dark is to illustrate how NOT to do things and what to avoid, if you want to evolve [7, 12]. If everyone would ignore them, they would have no power over you and they would dissolve. But if you fear them, all your fears perpetuate their existence, which is only transient in the human form [13].
  • You can neutralize the dark/low frequency behaviors in yourself by recognizing and moving out of those behavior patterns to higher acting behaviors [6].

Why were the dark forces created?

“I am in the realm of the physical, because I desire a contextual field within which to experience what I know of myself, and to experience it fully.” - Neale Donald Walsch

Our Source Entity (SE1) said that we were created to access ALL the aspects of its structure from the highest to the lowest frequencies [14]. The SE is interested in experiencing, learning and evolving from everything through us [14].

“God is a process, and you are part of that process right now.” – Neale Donald Walsch


  • All the frequencies and all the entities existing in them were created and chosen by our Source Entity to be included in the multiverse, which is permeated with unconditional love and light [14]. That includes the frequencies that are considered to be “light” or “dark” [15].
  • All of us choose to experience the higher (light) and lower (dark) frequencies as part of our balanced evolution [14].
  • We co-create everything in trinity with self, another consciousness and Source, which creates a triad of one positive, one negative and one neutral pole [7].
  • There are beings that don the role of negative polarity (e.g. manipulator), so that other beings may play their role of positive polarity and learn to stand in their own power against control and manipulation in any dimension, including on Earth [7].
  • Some people may choose as part of their life plan to challenge themselves by exposure to the dark forces, to see if they can correct the situation and evolve faster [16].
  • The dark forces will also wake up as a result of “triangulation” or exposure to the higher frequencies surrounding them, which will pull them up the evolutionary spiral [17].
  • At some point, we will finalize our work with all the aspects and shards projected from our True Energetic Self/Oversoul, so that we may ascend out of the physical universe [13]. Then we won’t need to physically incarnate any longer, because we will evolve in the energetic realms from thereon [13].

 “Ascension is a natural function of the multiverse. It’s happening to everybody in the multiverse all the time. Ascension is for everyone.” - Guy Needler (History of God)

NOTE: Guy Needler has a series of 20 blogs at his website, entitled The Darker Side of the Light | Guy Steven Needler, which is highly recommended for those interested in this topic.

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Who Is Afraid of Hell, Astral Entities or Possession?

In a previous post,* we discovered the famous quote by Earl Nightingale: “You become what you think about.” Different versions of this age-old quote have been heard since the days of Buddha. We also learned that your thought is the parent which gives birth to all things, because you think it into being, according to Neale Donald Walsch [1].


How do we create things with our mind?

Guy Needler explained that most people consider thought to be the first step in creation (or destruction). But in reality, the first step is the intention to think and act, so thought is the middle part, the product of intention and action is the product of thought [2].

  • The process is:  Intention – Thought – Action – Creation [2].
  • By the time the thought comes into play, there is significant energetic inertia behind the intention to act [2].
  • Because we have free will, we can change our intention, which may lead to either no action or a change in the action [2].
  • Our feelings, emotions, wishes and desires are physical products of intention and part of thought and transference [2].
  • We are told: “Be careful what you think about.” What this really means is be clear and consistent (not wishy washy) on what your intention is, so that the product of your thought will be successful [2].
  • Visualize the outcome you want to experience and stay with it, be committed and send it out to the universe requesting a successful outcome. If you’re wishy washy, the universe gets mixed signals and doesn’t know what to deliver [2]. It’s as simple as that.

Can we create a heaven or hell on Earth?

Guy Needler described the difference between our energetic and incarnate states like this [3]:

  • When we are incarnate in the physical world, we are constrained by a physical body that is like a wet suit that is heavy, sluggish and extremely limiting, since it almost totally cuts off communication with our True Energetic Self (TES), our peers and our creator [3].
  • Our body deteriorates over time and develops aches and pains and various disease conditions that lead to its eventual demise. In one sense, this could be viewed as a “hellish” realm when compared to the energetic side [3].
  • When we are disincarnate energetic beings in our normal higher frequency environment, we are free to move around and have instant communication with our peers and our creator. This could be viewed as “heaven” compared to our life on Earth [3].


  • It is possible to make “heaven on Earth” by living in a way to avoid attracting karma (i.e. lower frequency attachments to the physical) and by communing with our True Energetic Self and God through daily meditation [3].

Is there a hell at some other level?

Guy Needler and many others have assured us, that there is NO such thing as hell or eternal damnation [1, 4].

  • This is a misguided belief, which arose in religions that used simple language to steer (threaten) people away from low frequency living [4].
  • The truth is you cannot go to hell, because it simply doesn’t exist [4].
  • After death the soul (full aspect or smaller fractional shard) returns to its True Energetic Self (TES/Higher Self/Oversoul/Godhead) for a life review and reintegration back into those energies. But it doesn’t lose its level of individuality, because the aspect becomes specialized in certain incarnations and experiences [4].
  • Some misguided souls may remain trapped after death as “ghosts” in the astral level, because they fail to recognize that they are dead or they remain attached to the physical realm (to a person or a place) until they are helped to return to their TES [5].

Image: What Dreams May Come (1998)


  • A few confused souls may stay in limbo, lost in their own distorted thoughts and expectations of a “hell,” because they believe that physical existence is all there is or that that’s where they belong. They stay at the lower frequencies of the physical universe until they accept help and return to their own True Energetic Self [1, 4].

Are there demons and devils?

According to Guy Needler, there are NO such things as demons or devils [6, 7].

  • There are a multitude of different form factors (species designs) in the physical universe, some of which might look abhorrent or not at all attractive to humans [6].
  • In the incarnate state, the form factor reflects the physical environment that the being is living and working within [6]. We’ve been introduced to many fictional exophenotypes in our movies and TV series, such as Star Wars and Star Trek.
  • In the energetic state, the form factor is a matter of personal choice, but it could appear desirable or abhorrent to other beings depending on their own preferences [6].

Are there astral entities?

Needler explains that there are transient energetic beings with a level of intelligence, that are basically thoughtforms created by a sentient being by accident or by intention [7].

  • These astral entities are not sentient and they are short-lived, so they are not like us, who are eternal, fully sentient beings [7].
  • The entities exist in frequency bands (FB) 4, 5, 6 and 7 within the physical universe, which is the lowest/base dimension within our multiverse [8].


  • They cannot exist above or below these astral frequencies (FB 4-7), so they are not the same as us, whose True Energetic Self/Oversoul normally exists in the third full dimension or higher in the multiverse (i.e. way way higher than these astral beings).
  • They get returned to Source energy above FB 7 and cannot operate below FB 4 [8].
  • They latch onto the energies associated with the human aura or energy field, because they cannot metabolize their own energy and need a host to survive [7].
  • The astral entity persuades the host to be under its passive control by giving the host something in return, such as feelings of physical power or mental power, coercion or some extra information (e.g. precognition), which distracts the host’s attention away from the entity [7].
  • These entities can only take advantage of humans who are unaware of them [8].
  • The host may feel that something is off or not quite right energetically [7]. They may complain that they are constantly tired or feel drained or sleep deprived or that they have to do something all the time [8].
  • But they quickly get used to their new “depleted but powerful” self, and may become good at something new. They accept that new synergetic state and work in tandem with the attached astral entity [7].
  • The host’s personality is not really changed by this passive possession, which somehow makes them feel enhanced or more powerful [7].

What is active possession?

There is a more aggressive version of possession, where the astral entity wants to become the host and tries to replace the original aspect (soul) that is occupying the human vehicle [7, 8].

  • This can happen for instance, when the host is under the heavy influence of alcohol or drugs, which makes the soul (aspect) want to leave the drugged body, which tears the auric layers apart [8].

Image: Auric field of a person addicted to narcotics or alcohol [9]


  • This leaves the host vulnerable to attachment by astral entities during the 3 days that it takes to heal the auric layers, while the host is detoxing himself [7, 8].
  • Some astral entities can latch on, feed off the host during the repairs and some entities stay with the body for a while, even years in some cases [8].
  • The astral entity may develop such a strong energetic link with the host that it wants to become the host [8].
  • But the astral entity cannot replace the host (like a true walk-in), because it has the wrong (low frequency) energetic signature compared to a human being [7].
  • But that doesn’t stop the entity from trying [6]. The astral entity may take the appearance of an abhorrent or fear-inducing entity to try to control the host [7].
  • The entity may also use a high level of coercion to make the possessed host give the entity energetic permission to almost control them [8].
  • In some cases, the severe disharmony between the host and the astral entity may change the personality of the host, whose behavior may become disturbing or out of character, although they themselves may not even be aware of any changes [7].
  • If we become aware of the astral entity, it can be quickly and easily removed by someone with the right skill and intention [7].


Is possession planned as part of a pre-incarnation life plan?

Guy Needler says NO. Possession cannot be planned, because it involves low frequency astral entities, which are incapable of such planning with our aspects, that exist at much higher levels [11].

  • Most incarnate humans are ignorant or completely unaware, that they are linked with an astral entity. There is really no point or benefit to the experience, because you cannot correct the situation on your own, if you’re unaware or clueless [11].
  • In comparison, if a human being is being coerced or manipulated by another person, and at least subconsciously aware of that, then there is some point to that experience, because they are potentially able to correct the situation and learn from it [11].
  • Unlike possession, coercion or other forms of control can be planned into the life plan, because it is something that one can evolve from. If somebody is coercing another against their true will, that attracts karmic content to the coercer/manipulator [11].

Is it necessary to do shielding for protection?

The opinion seems to vary from daily shielding to no shielding at all.** In my view, the best advice comes from Wendy Kennedy (channeling the 9D Pleiadian Collective), who explained that the P’s don’t believe in shielding or seeing yourself in a cocoon of light, which is just a stepping stone [12].

  • They say that the need for protection actually creates the attack, because you’re pulsing out that you need to be protected. When you realize that you’re inherently protected, that you are safe as you are, nothing comes to you [12].
  • When lower vibrational things come to you, it’s just like another 3D person comes to you. You have a choice to engage with them or not [12].
  • You can hold your boundary, your own frequency and not engage with any being (from any dimension) that doesn’t feel right to you. Ignore them or move away with a strong intention to do something else [12]. (Channel a little more Bruce Almighty and no Linda Blair.)

In my experience, the groups that promote daily shielding, implant removals, other rituals and technics are the ones that are suffering the most from negative entity attacks. Perhaps it comes down to “You become what you think about.” If negative aliens is all you think about, that’s what you’ll attract more to your field, and soon enough it becomes a pattern, as Lao Tzu taught us (below).

 Watch your intentions; They become your thoughts.


NOTE: Guy Needler has a series of 20 blogs at his website, entitled The Darker Side of the Light | Guy Steven Needler, which is highly recommended for those interested in this topic.

What Is the Purpose of True Spiritual Inquiry? | Big Picture Questions

** Needler has created a one-time, robust, programmable shield under “Creating a Psychic Shield” found at Correspondence Courses | Guy Steven Needler.

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