How Guy Needler Explains The Greater Reality and Oneness (Video)?

Here is another video I’d like to share with my readers. It is a recent interview of Guy Needler by UFO HUB during the Ozark Transformation Conference in June 2014. As you will see, he manages to pack this 1 hr interview chock full of information about our true selves, our multiverse, Source Entity and the Origin, our future and much more.

The greatest thing about Guy Needler is that he is a Master Teacher, who presents the information from a completely neutral and humble perspective, devoid of any fear mongering, negative thinking, self-promotion or marketing ploys.

He is as genuine in person as he appears in this video. We are lucky to have him in our midst to expand our consciousness way beyond where most of us were before we came across his work. We are very grateful for his service to All.

To view the video, please click on the link below:

Here is my transcript of the final part of the interview (at around 1 hr), which everybody needs to see, read and be aware of.

Guy Needler said: “If I was to leave the people with something to hang their hat on, because there’s an awful lot of information that I’ve picked up that is, to be honest, beyond a lot of people, and I struggle with it sometimes. But it’s there to expand our consciousness, that’s what it’s there for.

I would say this: BE OPEN MINDED. Don’t be judgmental. Accept everything and everybody as being you and you as them.

When you can work with this, then the whole point of having enemies, or friends disappears, because they’ll all become you and you’ll become them. And that’s a profound level of open mindedness, because then it allows you to access other levels of consciousness.

When you realize that everything is you and you are everything, and all the individual people out there, that are incarnate as well, are also smaller versions of a bigger entity that created you. And you’re all part of this bigger entity, and therefore, that bigger entity is you, and you’re it!

And everything around you is you, including the tables and the chairs, the clothes that we wear and everything else, then we start to have a profound understanding that we’re all in Oneness.

This is the door we need to open. It’s acceptance of Everything is One. It’s acceptance of everything is separately together. There is no separation. There’s just levels of individuality that we’ve been given to allow us to experience things in a different way.

When we know this, we can start to work with each other better, because we then start to realize that actually if we’re all One, then everything is ME and everything is YOU and everything is THEM. And they’re all Oneness.

So we start to move away from this separation, this thought of separation, this thought of true individuality. True individuality is separate, separateness. There is no such thing as separateness, there’s only togetherness.

We may be separately together for a moment in time or event space, but actually we’re all One. And therefore, that will remove the need for fighting, remove the need for wars, remove the need for “I must have this as mine and that’s yours.”

We would share everything. We would experience everything together. We would work with everybody, making sure that we all evolve together. Nobody is in competition with each other. There is no need for competition. Everything is together. And we would be a much better place.

The Earth would be a much better place. The rest of the universe would be a much better place, because it would be all working for the benefit of everything, rather than for the benefit of the individual. Right now everything is based upon individual gain. That’s limited thinking.

Expansive thinking is thinking that everything we experience is for the benefit of everything else, so why not do everything for the benefit of everybody else.

Be of service to everybody else, and they’ll be of service to you. That’s allowing us to have our expansive thinking, and that removes all barriers. It removes all individualized thinking. It removes all separate thinking. It removes all thinking that is caused by selfishness and individuality.

Recognition of one for all and all for one is what we are. Work for everybody else and they’ll work for you. And there will be no enemies, there will be no friendships, there is only Oneness.” :)


Enjoy the video!

Love to All,


P.S. All emphasis mine. Please SHARE this video widely with others.

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What Is Universal Motherhood?

This is what Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, better known as Amma (Sanskrit word for “mother”) or the Hugging Saint, had to say about universal motherhood:


Who is Amma?

Amma is a Hindu spiritual leader/guru, who began to spontaneously embrace people to comfort them in their sorrow. Her form of “darshan” [bestowal of love, light and grace] is to give people hugs, which she has been doing since her late teenage years.

Although she has never married or had children of her own, she clearly understands the healing power of unconditional love and how to embody it. It’s been estimated that she has embraced more than 33 million people over 30 years and is still going strong, reaching out to people worldwide.

“I don’t see if it is a man or a woman. I don’t see anyone different from my own self. A continuous stream of love flows from me to all of creation. This is my inborn nature. My duty is to console those who are suffering.” – Amma

What is her view on compassion?

Amma said: “For me, compassion is the most important factor in our lives. It is the first step. If we take this first step courageously, without fear, then all of our decisions and subsequent actions and their results will have a special beauty, spontaneity and power.

Human calculations may be wrong, but actions born of true compassion can never be wrong, because compassion is a law of nature.”

“If we tune the individual mind with the universal mind, compassion, then we, as individuals, are no longer really performing actions, but are merely allowing creation to act through us. And this is the power of compassion. In truth, the spiritual path both begins and ends with compassion.” – Amma

What are her teachings?

“Karma [action], jñana [knowledge] and bhakti [devotion] are all essential. If the two wings of a bird are devotion and action, knowledge is its tail. Only with the help of all three can the bird soar into the heights.” – Amma 


She accepts various spiritual practices, members of all religions and science, stating:

“Spirituality is not against science. In fact it is the ultimate science. Science without spirituality is blind. Spirituality without science is lame. We need both.” - Amma

She emphasizes the importance of meditation, selfless service and higher qualities such as compassion, patience, forgiveness, self-control, etc. and gave a great analogy:

“Where there are a thousand pots filled with water, the sun reflected in all of those pots is the same. [I'd add even if these pots are filled with any amount of water and come in any shape, size, location or level.] In the same way, although there are many individuals, it’s the same consciousness, that same Supreme God consciousness that is present within everybody.

If we can see that God consciousness, then that itself will bring unity. There’s actually no difference between the creator and the creation. When we can realize or develop a deeper understanding of the fact that we’re all actually One, then there’s no differences. Unity is the only outcome. Everything is important, everything has its place. That’s the understanding that we need to develop.”

wonder“There is an amma within all of us. There is also a child within all of us. That motherhood is there inside each and every person.” - Amma

For more information, please see:

▶ Conversations on Compassion: Amma @ Stanford University – YouTube

Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi @

Compassion is the first step in life – Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

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Who Is Guy Needler?

In a previous post, Who Are the Evolved Beings Called the OM?, we learned about the energetic genre known as the OM entities, which were created by the Origin. They differ in their sentient energetic composition and function from the True Energetic Selves (supersouls) created by our Source Entity. Some OM beings choose to work with those of us on the evolutionary path, who are here to experience the minute details of our multiverse.

Who is Guy Needler?


In the physical world, people may know him as a British engineer (mechanical engineer and chartered electrical and electronics engineer), who became a reiki master, energy healer, spiritual teacher and author of several books (see below).

But in the energetic side, he is a pure OM being, which is why he (as an incarnate being) is able to project his consciousness to traverse all the frequencies and also communicate with all 12 Source Entities and the Origin at will. Those are his natural born buddies if you will! ;)

Needler is the only physical incarnate out of 5 pure OM to be “reborn” from our Source Entity, which has more OM energies associated with it than its peers. The pure OM do not incarnate very often or at very low frequencies. Needler said he hasn’t had many lives at all, but he has been in contact with his “higher self” in all his lives.

Some of his past lives took place in Egypt and Atlantis, where he retained his energetic abilities to teach people how to build structures by manipulating energy. He was able to change the atomic composition of materials by adding or removing protons, neutrons or electrons. In the same way, the molecular composition of heavy materials could be manipulated by placing all but every 3rd or 4th molecule into the nearest dimension, which left a much lighter molecular skeleton in our plane of existence.

ancient-egyptian-pyramidsThis explains how heavy materials could be easily moved by man-handling or telekinesis by one or more people to construct massive structures, such as the pyramids. Apparently, all of us can perform these feats in other planes. His teachings were better received in some lives than in others. In the Middle Ages, for instance, he was hung, drawn and quartered for his teachings. So these are much better times for him and us!

He has been teaching people to remember who they are, and how to feel and see the energies beyond this universe. As an incarnated pure OM being, he has a unique perspective from which to describe our physical universe, multiverse and omniverse and the beings within them in the energetic terms that we can now understand.

He is part of a team of evolved beings on Earth, who are helping humanity reach a critical mass to get to the great remembering or the “Age of Epiphany,” where we’ll have a higher level of understanding of ourselves and the greater reality. The sooner we remove the blinders off mankind, the faster we’ll ascend to the point, where we won’t need to incarnate in the physical universe any longer in order to evolve. Needler said this will happen pretty soon, not in his lifetime but within two generations or about 60 years or so. :)


For more information, please see:

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Guy Steven Needler: The History of God (website) & 5 books:

The History of God

Beyond the Source – Book 1

Beyond the Source – Book 2

Avoiding Karma

The Origin Speaks (in publication)

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Who Are the Evolved Beings Called the OM?

In previous posts, we learned that our Source Entity created our multiverse and populated it with myriad entities that belong to several different “energetic genres.” Different genres have different levels of sentience (self-awareness). For example, some entities (e.g. human beings, dolphins) on Earth have more sentience than the entities in the plant, animal or mineral kingdom. But there is another energetic genre called the “OM” that differs from all others.

4_dolphins-3  plantAnimalMineral

What is the origin of everything? 

To backtrack a bit, we all begin with The Origin/Absolute, which is a vast, amorphic tract of sentient energetic space with no boundaries. The Origin is continually experimenting and improving itself, so it is really the created and the creation as One.

  1. The Origin’s first experiment was to create 12 Origins to try to speed up its understanding of itself. But that experiment was a bust! The Origin learned that you can’t make 12 copies of yourself and try to put them all within yourself. It had to recycle and reuse the original material and start over with Plan B. ;)
  2. In the second experiment, the Origin split itself in half and reserved one half as pure, unmanifested material. The other half was divided into 12 parts, which became the 12 Source Entities. Now the Origin could get to know itself 12 times faster!

Each of the Source Entities created their own versions of a uni/multiverse and the entities to populate them. Source Entity One (SE1) was the first by a few nanoseconds to be created by the Origin. We are part of its multiverse, which includes entities, such as humans, animals, plants, suns, galaxies, aliens, angels, etc. that can only exist within the energies of SE1.


What are the OM and where do they come from? 

Some of the original material from the first experiment didn’t get mixed or recycled very well, because it already had sentience given to it by the Origin. This material escaped and became independent as the unintended byproduct called the “OM” for Original Material/Manifestation.

  • Because the OM were the first entities to be created, they received a purity of energy that the other entities didn’t. That’s why the OM are smaller individualized units of the Origin. They are like miniature Source Entities with their own sentience or beingness.
  • But not all OM entities have the same composition or capabilities.


What types of OM are there?

There are four types of OM beings, which differ in the amount or “density” of the original material amassed by them during the recycling process.

  1. Pure OM: Their energies have enough mass to group together, break away and become completely independent of any Source Entity. They are sentient beings that belong outside of any multiverse. They move around the Origin’s area of self-awareness and within/without the 12 Source Entities. They can traverse any frequency, any dimension, event space, its components and continuum, and the space between the Source Entities and the Origin at will. They can roam freely anywhere they want.
  2. Noncaptive OM: They are still OM energy, but don’t have enough mass to become independent or to break away. They gravitate and orbit around the Source Entity they’re associated with, but they’re not held captive by it.
  3. Captive OM: They are still largely OM energy, but don’t have enough mass to be independent. They are individualized entities that can move within a Source Entity’s energy, but cannot move out of it (unless a pure OM liberates it).
  4. Hybrid OM: They have a small amount of OM energy mixed with mostly Source Entity energy. They are not big enough to be sentient beings in their own right. They exist in the higher dimensions and frequencies of a specific Source Entity.

What is the function of the OM beings?

The majority of OM are busy mapping out the areas within or between the Source Entities or the Origin, while the rest of us are busy incarnating to experience things in more profound ways. Very rarely do they incarnate as individually sentient beings, but those that are here are helping humanity ascend in frequency during Earth’s free will experiment.

  • A few OM (usually a hybrid or captive type) incarnate at lower frequencies to help their own evolution. But they have to follow the same rules as every other incarnate entity.
  • They become “deaf, dumb and blind” to their true nature. They have a loss of higher functions and memories, and they’re in the karmic cycle like the rest of us.

We cannot tell the difference between an incarnate OM being or another soul aspect projected from a True Energetic Self (supersoul) created by our Source Entity. The OM are not special when they are incarnate, although there are certain things they can do, as we’ll find out in my next post: Who Is Guy Needler?

  007_PathToHeaven copy

For more information, please see:

Guy Needler: The History of God (website) & 5 books, including his newest book,”The Origin Speaks” (in publication).

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How To Change Our World?

This ageless wisdom was given to us by Lao Tzu, but it still holds true. Now more than ever, as humanity is figuring out better ways of being and doing things.

40bcc74dfdf257cda5f3dd74ae39a06a_500 copy

All change begins within. It’s time to cross that bridge now.

Bo9u96aCcAE4UqW copy

Focus your intention and energy on the kind of world YOU desire to create. A world that you joyfully claim as your own creation, while remembering this:

“Life is eternal and there is only One of Us. These two truths are all you will ever need to know.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Happy Summer Solstice!

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How Funny Man Jim Carrey Inspired Us All (Video & Transcript)?

Here is a video I’d like to share with everybody. During a graduation ceremony for the “Class of 2017 minus 3″ at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, actor Jim Carrey revealed another brilliant side of himself talking about life lessons he had learned.

He might as well have been talking about “supersoul consciousness,” when he said:

“Sometimes the only thing that is important is just letting each other know, that we’re here reminding each other that we’re part of a larger self.

I have no limits. I cannot be contained because I’m the container. My soul is not contained within the limits of my body. My body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul. One unified field.” – Jim Carrey

Here is the 1 minute version (if you’re in a hurry): This 61 Second Video Of Jim Carrey’s Commencement Speech Will Inspire You

Here is the full 26 minute version (if you know there is no such thing as time): Full Speech: Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation – YouTube

Here is the transcript of Jim Carrey’s commencement speech (for those who prefer to read): Transcript-CarreySpeech

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is, because everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart, and all that is left of you is what was in your heart.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.” – Jim Carrey



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Who Are the New Spiritually Advanced Children?

In a previous post about the future of humanity, we learned that we and the planet are gradually ascending in frequency. We also learned that we need a critical mass of 10% of the human population to be “aware and awake” and in the right places around the planet to get enough “positive triangulation” for group ascension, where everybody is able to move up a notch. Currently, we have about 14 million people worldwide that are becoming awake and aware, so we’ll need hundreds of millions more like them. Yikes! ;)

How can the world population change that much?

The world population is changing its average base frequency for these reasons:

  1. Older generations with lower frequencies naturally age, die and leave the planet.
  2. Some higher frequency people arrived as the first, second or third waves of volunteers to a much lower frequency planet. They did their part to increase the overall frequencies locally.
  3. Newer generations are now able to incarnate as indigo, crystal or rainbow children or even higher frequency beings that affect the entire population of Earth more globally.


Who are these newer children?

Most (but not all) are other versions of us. They are other soul aspects projected from the much bigger, much higher frequency being that we call our True Energetic Self or “supersoul.”

  • They are projected as soul aspects with a higher frequency energy set, so they retain better connectivity with their supersoul during incarnation.
  • That means they have higher functionality. They can access skills that we all have in the energetic side, such as intuition, telepathy, higher sensory perception, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.

Some people call them “star children,” but that’s a bit misguided, because all star systems are part of the physical universe, which by analogy is the bottom floor of the 12-story building that represents our multiverse. Most people’s supersoul exists on the third or fourth floor (or higher) of the multiverse, which is at a much higher frequency level than any star system. Besides most of us have many lifetimes in many star systems as well as on Earth right now.


How many types of newer children are there?

There are at least six or more types of children that have been coming to Earth for some time now. There are many resources that describe these children in more detail (see below).

Each of the indigo, crystal and rainbow children have their own base frequency and their own personal and world spiritual role. They are here to help raise the frequencies of the population by triangulation, i.e. ascension through association with higher frequency individuals.

Table 1. Summary of some features of the different groups of new children.


Who are the hybrid children? 

According to Needler, Earth is not rising in frequency in a homogeneous manner across the globe. There are local areas of high frequency mixed with local areas of low frequency. The problem is that the indigo, crystal and rainbow children were not designed to work in such low frequencies, so some of them are having a hard time adapting to those areas.

That is why the newer hybrid (or “cusp”) children have a mixed energy set, some with indigo and crystal energies and others with crystal and rainbow energies. This makes them more resilient and more robust, so they’re better able to cope with the lower frequencies on Earth. Needler said: “They are infinitely more effective than the previous three genres of spiritually advanced children.”


Who are the White children?

Guy Needler has described a brand new breed of children, whose energetic genre is at the level of ascended masters. There are only going to be 12 of them born in total. Each child will be the only soul aspect projected from their True Energetic Self (supersoul) into the physical.

  • These children will be born sequentially over the next 50 years, not all at the same time. They will be spread out across the globe in an equidistant geometric manner.
  • They will become slowly aware and awake and will have to work on themselves, but their level of wakefulness and functionality will be much higher than the average person.
  • All of these children will affect the population in the same way as true ascended masters (e.g. Jesus). But some may choose to work in very passive ways, while others will end up being spiritual leaders.

Their mothers also come from a very high level, around the sixth to eighth full dimension of the multiverse. They are very pure and highly evolved individuals, who incarnate without karma and are protected from accruing karma during their one and only lifetime on Earth. Their role is to give birth to, raise and protect the White child. Needler met the mother of one such child in Beijing, China this year.


Final Thoughts

The good news for humanity is that we are getting a lot of help from these newer generations of children. We will not be stuck at the lower frequency levels (with war, strife, etc.) we’ve experienced in our lifetimes, but can look forward to our children and grandchildren continuing the job we started. The future of humanity looks to be divinely guided and protected! :)

000000000000000000000000000For more information, please see:

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Sandra Weaver: Rainbow Children are Fearless Avatars and a Ray of Hope for the Planet

DMGDigital: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

Jessica Dao: Children of the Stars – Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children | The Pyramid of Light

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How Does Life Begin from Energy, Intelligence, Consciousness and Sentience?

In previous posts, we discovered what we might expect in the future of humanity and future of Earth, as we continue to ascend to higher levels of the physical universe and beyond. In this post, we’ll review how we all began before exploring how energy develops rudimentary intelligence that evolves into consciousness, sentience and life in our multiverse, based on Guy Needler’s work that gives us an unparalleled glimpse into the greater reality.

What is the Origin of everything? 

We all begin with The Origin/Absolute/The All, which is an unfathomably vast, amorphic tract of “sentient energetic space” that has no boundaries. The Origin is created and creation as one, because it is continually investigating and improving itself.

  • The Origin represents the mostly Unmanifested Absolute, which is self-aware of less than 1% of its total area. Because the Origin/Holy Spirit/”Known” wanted to know itself, it started experimenting. The first experiment failed, so it had to start over.
  • In the second experiment, the Origin split itself in half, kept one half as pure, unmanifested material and divided the other half into 12 parts, which became the 12 manifested Source Entities. Now the Origin could get to know itself 12 times faster than by working alone.
  • The Source Entities are the Manifested transcendental creators/”Knowers”/True Elohim/Gods, each of which created their own multiverse and entities to populate them. Image: The Origin & 12 Source Entities (click to enlarge)


What is the Source?

Our Source Entity (SE1) is an individualized unit of the Origin, that was assigned sentience by the Origin to investigate and map out a part of the Origin. Image: A conceptual image of the spherical form of SE1 (based on Beyond the Source Book 2)


  • SE1 is the Creator/God of our multiverse, that separated a part of itself and used a program to create trillions of entities at many different frequency levels.
  • Not all entities have the same quality of sentience (i.e. self-awareness and the ability to change yourself and your environment), so they represent different “energetic genres” that are restricted to working at certain levels of our multiverse.

Who are we really?

We are smaller replicates (mini-me’s) of our Source Entity (SE1), which separated out an aspect of its own sentience and assigned it to a body of energy, that we call our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Godhead).

  • We are not really energetic beings, but individualized beings of pure sentience that use energy as a vehicle to work with, to move around, experience, learn and evolve in the multiverse structure that SE1 created for us.
  • That is who we really are, pure sentience. We are really nothing to do with energy, although we use it. Image: Relationship of SE1, TES and Aspects (not to scale)


For example, the above diagram shows 8 simultaneous aspects with 5 of them projected to Earth and 3 projected to other parts of the physical universe (e.g. Andromeda nebula, etc.).

What is an aspect/soul vs. shard/fragment?

Our True Energetic Self can project up to 12 aspects (souls) at the same time to explore life as various incarnated forms or species (as individuals or as collectives) at any frequency level (from FB 1-12).

  • Our human bodies are animated by one aspect (soul) per vehicle. At death, the aspect leaves the body and returns to the True Energetic Self.
  • Each aspect in turn could project up to 12 smaller bits of itself called shards, which can incarnate simultaneously with the aspects (not shown). At death, the shard leaves the body and returns to the aspect that projected it.
  • All these physical life forms are acting as the experiencers (“Knowing”), that learn and evolve at their own level and pace to help the evolution of our True Energetic Self, Source Entity and the Origin.
  • These incarnates may experience thousands of lives in series (sequentially) and in parallel (simultaneously) in event space to learn about the cause and effect of their choices.

How do human souls differ from hive souls in animals and plants?

Most humans are ensouled by aspects projected from True Energetic Selves with plenty of sentient intelligence to animate complex individual bodies. Most of the TES mass remains disincarnate.

  • But animal souls are projected from a lower level of the multiverse. They cannot animate complex bodies, so they combine to make a group soul, that sends tendrils to incarnate as different animal species.
  • The tendrils are not restricted to incarnating as just one particular animal species. If one species goes extinct, they can incarnate as another form or go to another planet.
  • Animals function as semi-sentient, mobile hive souls and plants are animated by instinctive hive souls. They all contribute as experiencers at their own level towards the evolution of our Source and the Origin, which is the origin of Spirit in all of us.

bee and daisy

“Where there is energy, there is eventually consciousness and there is life. But consciousness is not true life until it is aware.”  - Guy Needler (The History of God)

What is free energy?

According to Needler, free energy is everywhere and has always been in existence. It is self-organizing, self-correcting and always in balance. It is totally recyclable.

  • It pervades the Origin, its creations and its creations’ creations. It provides one of the building blocks or the substance for creation and has always been part of the Origin’s structure, just like event space.
  • It has a level of rudimentary intelligence, which makes it want to be part of itself.
  • It has limited consciousness (thought given form) and sentience (self-awareness), since it is attracted to itself and recreates itself when it is used. Image: Northern lights (aurora borealis)


How does sentience develop?

Although we live in a sea of energy, not all energy can support sentience. But under the right circumstances energy goes through an evolutionary process to create its own level of rudimentary intelligence, preferences, experiences and self-awareness.

  • Energy needs to evolve to a “specialized” state that can support its self-generated sentience. It can then move to simple levels of creativity (e.g. form a ball of energy).
  • When it gets to the point of creating situations, environments, other things or other entities, that energy has developed sufficient “specialization”.
  • At that point, more sentience can be either externally created or assigned to that body of energy, because sentience is transportable.
  • For example, we are beings of pure sentience, which was assigned to us by our Source Entity, which in turn was assigned its sentience by the Origin. But the Origin developed its own sentience and that process and more will be described in the upcoming book, The Origin Speaks.

What is artificial intelligence? Could robotic forms be ensouled?

According to Needler, there is no such thing as artificial intelligence (AI), because intelligence presumes the ability to evolve into sentience at some point. Needler added:

  • If the energies get together and create enough density, that body of energy can evolve into sentience, just as described.
  • AI and robotics will be used as a transitional phase to increase the lifespan of the human vehicle, NOT to replace the inner technology we all have in our human form.


  • It will never progress too far, because one of the biggest pushes for it is to provide extra functionality. But all the mechanical functionality is just a substitute for the natural functions we all have, when we are at a higher frequency.
  • It is possible to have a robotic creation (e.g. cyborg) that would be fairly similar, not in form, but in functionality that could house a soul/aspect. But it doesn’t have the same level of integration as a human body, so it would be like operating a remote control toy. It would not provide the same amount/type of evolutionary content for the aspect.

I Robot 1

Do we live in a virtual reality?

According to Needler, it is a reasonable analogy, that could be said about our physical lives as humans, because we’re almost completely cut off from our True Energetic Self. He added:

  • It applies to us, when we are incarnating on the lowest frequencies of the physical universe. But it is NOT a “virtual reality,” because it is just one of a multitude of realities, that we ALL create to experience, learn and evolve within.
  • Everything is a reality to the entity experiencing it. Some of those realities are temporary (e.g. parallel environments that come and go in event space), but all of them are based on energy, which requires frequency to exist. If there is no energy, there can be no entity; without an entity, there is no life.


Is the Source an artificial mind entity?

Needler said the Source is NOT an artificial mind, but it is a separate sentient condition given individuality. He added:

  • The Source is created by the Origin to experience, learn and evolve in a separate but synchronistic and concurrent sense with other SEs, so that the Origin can evolve.
  • Think of a series of thoughts that are sentience hived off from the Origin to create a larger entity, like our SE.
  • Similarly, our SE hived off part of itself and assigned its pure sentience to smaller bodies of energy created specifically to experience smaller aspects of the multiverse.


Could God exist in a supercomputer?

This question arose after the release of a film called “Transcendence” about a computer scientist, who dies and becomes a computerized intelligence. Needler said:

  • When we project our consciousness to a higher condition (e.g. meditation), we accelerate our evolution by doing that during our incarnation.
  • But the bigger perspective is that everything that is in and around is God, is Source Entity, and higher up is the Origin. So really God is the computer, the laptop, the table, chair, and everything there is.
  • If we really understood ourselves, we would know that everything is God.
  • The movie was created by individuals to educate us, to make us think in a different way, to take us outside of physical universe thought processes.

Final Thoughts

Based on what Guy Needler has told us, we could say that we are much more than the universe expressing itself as a human (see Eckhart Tolle quote below).


We are individualized sentient beings expressing ourselves in many contextual fields within the physical universe, multiverse and omniverse to help the Origin investigate and improve itself.

“God is a process, not the result of that process, but the process itself. The process of creation is never complete, never done. And you are part of that process.” – Neale Donald Walsch

For more information, please see:

[1] Guy Steven Needler:  The History of God | Guy Steven Needler

[2] Guy Steven Needler: Beyond The Source – Book 1 | Guy Steven Needler

[3] Guy Steven Needler: Beyond The Source – Book 2 | Guy Steven Needler

[4] Guy Steven Needler: World Satsanga Skype Teleconferences, January 18, 2014, February 22, 2014 & April 26, 2014

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[6] Guy Steven Needler: Personal communication

[7] Guy Steven Needler: Do We Live In A Virtual Reality | Guy Steven Needler

[8] Neale Donald Walsch: The Complete Conversations with God (Books 1-3), 2005

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What Is the Purpose of Karma In Evolution?

In a previous post about karma, we discovered that there are several types of karma, which affect us through our thoughts, desires, behaviors, habits and physical activities, as described by Guy Needler. Since karma is a complicated subject that permeates our lives in so many ways, we will continue “deconstructing karma” some more, but first reflecting on Lao Tzu’s ageless wisdom.

Watch your intentions; They become thoughts.


What is karma in energetic terms?

Karma is dysfunctional energy that is released from a person (or any entity) who interacts with another person or affects itself in an adverse way, that causes them to drop in frequency.

  • The person releases a bit of their own energy into the lower frequency level, where that energy has no function or direction, so it is dysfunctional.
  • Since energy cannot be lost, this creates a link between the person and the event, that stays at the frequency where the karmic action happened.
  • If you imagine the person as a ball of energy that dips itself to probe a lower frequency, where they create karma, a part of them gets stuck at the lower level as a thin tendril attached to them (as simulated below).


  • When they try to go back up, this link acts like a bungee cord that tries to pull them back into the lower level and only allows them to move up so far.
  • This “karmic link” creates a drag or weight on the person, because the energy is lower frequency and more sluggish. It slows down and distracts the person, who may attract more karma at the lower level, which increases the drag on their spiritual evolution.
  • Initially, the lower level may feel uncomfortable to the person, but later they may get used to the lower frequency and remain there (e.g. chronic depression, addiction, etc.). But the lower down you drop, the harder it becomes to get back up the frequencies.
  • The karmic link remains in place until you have extra energy (or outside help) to remove that part of you at the lower frequency level.

What is the physics of karma?

Physicist Noel Huntley said: “The physics of karma has been described in terms of ’cause and effect.’” But from a higher viewpoint, where space and time are spanned, cause and effect are simultaneous.

  • In a two-polarity system, the whole energy divides into two poles. The perpetrator pole and victim pole are interdependent, because you can’t have one without the other.
  • Because energy seeks wholeness, the two poles come together to cancel the karmic debt, which means what was inflicted on another person is returned to self.
  • For example, if person A kills B, then A could be killed by person B or C (by pre-incarnation agreement).
  • It is the same as phase conjugation where two opposite sine wave patterns cancel each other out (see below):


  • As a spirit, you can choose when and where you want to incarnate to set the stage to recover the lost frequencies at the level they were lost. This is not a linear time event.
  • This is a slow, painful and inefficient way to resolve karma. It may take many roles (alternating victim/perpetrator) to resolve the balance.

How do you break the dysfunctional energy link?

Huntley suggested a more efficient way to resolve karma. If person A works on self-improvement or works in service to others to make a positive change, then A will not have to be killed and his effort will eventually cancel the karma.

  • Also, if A sacrifices itself in some way to help B, this will cancel the disharmony, which allows the energy to return to its source, person A.
  • The best case would be where A perceives any internal imbalance, realigns and transmutes the low frequency thoughts to resolve the karma immediately before they are manifest as conflicts, discomforts, illness or other problems, that reflect disowned parts of oneself.
  • When a person accepts and integrates these negative parts into self and doesn’t resist or reject them, then karma becomes pointless, according to Huntley.
  • That is why the Pleiadians and others have been teaching us about “polarity integration“. Ask yourself: why did you create the drama? How does it serve you? What are you learning from it? Does it still serve you (or not)?
  • It’s about recognizing that certain behavior patterns keep us in the low frequencies. But we can neutralize it by understanding it. We can play our part in it without being of it, because we learn and evolve from the experience.

“The antidote to karma is love and forgiveness of self. Divine love transcends karma.” – Guy Needler


When did karma begin?

Karma has always been part of the story, ever since the earliest prototype of a lighter human form was used in the Human Being Project on a much less dense Earth.

  • At that time, spirits were able to enter and leave the lighter bodies at will.
  • As incarnates, they shared and linked their bodies, but discovered that their energies went out of phase when they interacted with each other.
  • This created energy disharmony that affected all of them in an adverse way. These dysfunctional energies are what we call “karma”.


What is the purpose of karma from an evolutionary perspective?

Creativity is one of the main functions given to us by our Source Entity. But an entity has to experience creativity before it is allowed to be a creator. Ultimate levels of creativity can create ultimate levels of evolution or devolution (negative evolution).

  • We are creator beings in training, who are learning to discriminate between positive and negative evolution, as part of our growth in the multiverse.
  • According to Needler, karma should be classified as “minor evolution” that pertains to the small parts of us (souls/aspects) that are incarnating in the physical universe.
  • Although it appears that an aspect (soul) develops karma in a linear way, it can remove that karma in a spherical, holistic way, because it can do it in many different ways concurrently within a number of different event spaces. From our perspective, this process would appear to be linear, but from a holistic sense, it is random and concurrent.

“Major evolution” occurs at the level of our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Godhead), which is located at a much higher frequency in the multiverse.

  • The True Energetic Self is ultimately linked to karma via all the aspects it sends to probe the lower frequencies. The karma of those aspects is taken on-board by the TES, which puts its own evolution in stasis until those aspects have cleared their karma at all levels.
  • We have a long way to go before we will ascend out of the physical universe to evolve in the purely energetic part of the multiverse and eventually to re-integrate with our Source Entity.
  • But once an entity has mastered love and wisdom, it is allowed to have an equal amount of power, so that its full creative function is switched on.
  • That is our destiny in the bigger picture, which means eventually we will become Source Entities in our own right. :)

Image: Artistic rendition of a multiverse by Sam Del Russi


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – The Golden Rule

For more information, please see:

[1] Guy Steven Needler: The History of God | Guy Steven Needler

[2] Guy Steven Needler: Avoiding Karma | Guy Steven Needler

[3] Noel Huntley: Home Page of Dr. Noel Huntley–article The Ultimate Swindle & The Mechanics of Karma

[4] Wendy Kennedy: Home – Higher Frequencies & Tom Kenyon & Wendy Kennedy: The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, 2013

[5] Guy Steven Needler: Personal communication

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What Is Karma In Modern Spiritual Scientific Terms?

In previous posts, we discovered that both humanity and Earth are becoming less dense or ascending or expanding into higher frequencies in the physical universe. As Guy Needler wrote: “Ascension is a natural function of the multiverse. It’s happening to everybody in the multiverse all the time.” But we don’t all ascend at the same time or at the same rate, which begs the question: why not? What holds us back from ascending? The simple answer is karma. But karma is a bit more complicated than most people think.

What is karma?

Traditionally, karma is equated to the Law of Cause and Effect, which states that every action has a reaction or consequence. We reap what we sow and nothing happens by chance.

karma   images-2

  • The Old Testament’s Law of Retribution calls for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But as Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
  • Theosophists say that every thought, desire, or action affects in some measure the equilibrium of the universe, which then seeks to return to balance. The process of seeking to restore that balance is what is called karma.
  • Some say that there is no such thing as a karmic wheel or karmic debt, not the way we have imagined it.
  • Needler says these are modern misconceptions of karma, which is about a whole multitude of things.


What is a modern definition of karma?

The correct definition of karma is attraction and addiction to low frequency behavior patterns or actions. In his book, “Avoiding Karma,” Needler explained several important points:

  1. Karma is ONLY a function of the physical universe (i.e. the lowest frequency bands 1-12 of the multiverse).
  2. There are different levels of karma associated with different frequency levels. The higher up we go, the less likely we’ll attract karma, because we have more functions and know that physicality is just a suit of clothes to experience a particular level of reality.
  3. It is our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Godhead), which is a much bigger, much higher sentient being in the multiverse, that is LINKED to karma, when it is attracted via its aspects to the lower frequencies in the physical universe.
  4. Each True Energetic Self can send up to 12 smaller aspects (souls) of itself to experience the physical universe. It is these aspects that develop karma, when they incarnate in vehicles at various frequency levels (not just at Earth level). The karma of these aspects is taken on-board and linked to the True Energetic Self.
  5. But each aspect can project up to 12 shards, which also incarnate in the physical universe. These shards can develop karma, which is taken on-board by the aspect that sent the shards.
  6. That is why the aspects need to be sent back to incarnate at the level where the karma was created, to break the karmic cycle that links the TES to the lower frequencies.
  7. Once the karmic link is broken, there is no need to incarnate. The True Energetic Self can ascend and evolve in the purely energetic multiverse from thereon.

How does karma affect us on Earth?

Earth is the densest and most difficult planet to live on. It is the easiest for people to get addicted to karma and the most difficult to move away from karma, when they’re on Earth.

  • Some call Earth the “all you can eat buffet of experiences” of the universe. It provides the widest range of emotions and the most profound experiential content for both individuals and groups of entities.


  • Earth is a setting where we have a time lag between what we intend, think and pulse out and what gets reflected back or manifested, so we can experience and learn from the consequences of our choices and actions.
  • We are automatically exposed to karma here, which can create good learning opportunities, once karma is recognized and properly understood.
  • But until that happens, karma anchors us here in the physical. It may lead us into a downward spiral of cyclic karma, where the same lesson is repeated in more intense and dramatic ways until we pay attention and change our ways.


What types of karma are there?

Karma is all about how we exist, think and relate to people and how we work with the environment, which includes Earth, flora, fauna, etc. Needler described 5 major types of karma:

  1. Thought based karma: limiting thoughts that revolve around humanity or beliefs that the human form/body/ego is all we are, anticipation, frustration, boredom, etc.
  2. Behavior based karma: seeking personal gain, using others, gossiping, judging, blaming, fighting, arguing, colluding, aggression, etc.
  3. Physical based karma: addictions to physical sensory things like food, sex, alcohol, drugs, dangerous sports, fitness/body image fanaticism, self-abuse like cutting, etc.
  4. Materialism based karma: need to have more money or more expensive things like house, cars, boat, clothes, vacations, attachments to people, pets, etc.
  5. Status based karma: showing off wealth, fame, power, possessions, career, trophy wife, high achiever children, social clubs, a yacht in Monaco (below), etc.

monaco yacht

How can we move out of karma?

We are sentient beings who come to Earth and other levels of the physical universe to explore and learn about the minute details of the multiverse.

  • The whole point of our incarnation is to experience, work with and be IN the physical, while not being OF the physical.
  • Our ultimate goal (as much higher sentient beings) is to move OUT of the physical, which is just a tool for us to learn about lower frequency existence.
  • To get off the karmic circle, we need to detach ourselves from the lower frequency thoughts, feelings and actions, so we can progress and move back into the energetic.
  • The first step is to “know thyself” and become self-observant, so you can catch yourself in thoughts, words and actions before you create major or minor karmic ties.

highres_175629472   enneagram-personality-illustration

  • For example, the Enneagram system is an easy way to understand yourself and others. It describes 9 types, each with 9 levels of development ranging from the highest acting (ego transcending) behaviors to average and low acting behaviors. Recognizing these in yourself and others is very helpful in your life and relationships.
  • Another way is to adopt a few “Simple Rules” to existing in the physical: “Observe, experience, record, remember, reflect, forgive, forget, experientially understand, love, rise above, exist in ultimate knowledge, reflect again, and progress.”
  • Needler’s newest book, Avoiding Karma, explains more about how to recognize, avoid and resolve many types of karma, including mass karma in our lives. The goal is to learn to glide through life like a swan in choppy waters.
  • Some illumined masters (e.g. Paramahansa Yogananda) have shown how they’re able to work with the material world and not get attracted to it or get phased by anything.


How does karma play into the incarnation cycle?

Most individuals on Earth, who are trapped in a karmic cycle, very quickly want to re-incarnate back on Earth to experience the physical all over again. But there is a backlog of souls/aspects waiting to come here.

  • Their True Energetic Selves queue up, so they can send aspects with karmic ties to incarnate here, while the TES puts itself in stasis for a moment.
  • When the aspects sort themselves out and break away from karma, their TES catapults itself beyond where they would have been, because their evolutionary tension is now released.

It is possible to make “heaven on Earth” by living in a way to avoid attracting karma and by communing with our True Energetic Self and Source/God through daily meditation.

“The physical universe is nothing but a theater, a play we created…everything we do is within the play, a play manifested in the theater called Earth.” - Guy Needler


For more information, please see:

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[11] Enneagram Institute: Descriptions of the Enneagram Types

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