How Does a Timeline Relate to Individual or Collective Reality?

In my previous post What Is Linear Time vs. Non-linear Time? | Big Picture Questions, we discovered that what we perceive as “time” in our physical world is really a series of now moments or event points that are stringed together, like the still frames of a film strip to create the illusion of motion or time going forwards (future) or backwards (past). All those still frames exist simultaneously, just like your so-called past lives, current and future lives do.


Your current reality is based on which frame (or now moment) you choose to focus your intention or shine your flashlight on, as illustrated in the film strip (above). In this sense, time simply exists as a marker or coding for an event, so that it may be archived into libraries or Akashic records.

What is spherical time?

According to Wendy Kennedy, time is spherical with an infinite number of “now moments” to choose from, as illustrated below by the “event points” on the surface and inside the “sphere of time.”

  • When you focus your energy and thought (or consciousness) on one specific colored point, that is the “now” for you.
  • That now moment is structured from a specific set of circumstances from the past, that lead you to a unique set of future events, based on your choice in the now moment.

Time is better described as spherical and holographic event space, according to Guy Needler. Image analogy: Random event points within a sphere of time.


How do we create individual vs. collective reality?

Let’s take a closer look at the progression of time (or event points) on the surface of the sphere of time. In “Timeline Dynamics,” Tom Montalk explained:

  • The string represents the causal progression of events.
  • The tacks represent our moments of choice.
  • The string exists from beginning to end, simultaneously, but its path is open to revision.

This is how an individual creates their own reality (Image from Montalk):


Montalk said: “True time moves forward not with the tick of a clock but the making of a choice. That which is inevitable has already happened. So looking backwards, the world is deterministic. However, looking forwards, the future is probabilistic.”

When multiple individuals interact, they weave a more complicated web. Based on the combined strength of their freewill at various choice points, the collective creates an agreed upon set of circumstances, which define the collective reality that matches the individual’s reality in certain parts.


Typically, you will choose another now moment that is very similar in frequency and content to the last one you chose in order to maintain the illusion of continuity of the game. If you would jump to something completely different, such as a timeline that didn’t experience an event, like World War II or 9/11, it would “pull you out of the game.” This shows that you have many choices available, and that every decision creates another “timeline.”

When you change the now, you can change the future, although the future is not determined until a particular choice is taken. – Wendy Kennedy (The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light)

Who is really in charge?

According to Kennedy, YOU are in the driver’s seat. You have the power and free will to choose which events and circumstances you wish to experience individually and collectively. You co-create with others all the time. You are not a victim of the circumstances, so don’t blame others, like your parents, the collective that is asleep, the government, power elite etc.  

If you’re there with them, there is some part of you (at a higher level) that has chosen to experience that particular timeline, either because you have something to gain from that situation or you have something to give to others in that collective experience.

You need to pay attention to what is there for you to give and receive, so that you won’t need the “big drama” to have the awareness of why you’re there. Speaking of drama, there is a television show called Sliders (TV Series 1995–2000) – IMDb or Sliders – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, which demonstrates how we might explore different parallel realities.

The other point to remember is the incredible power of your intention. If you intend it, think it, and act on it, it will be your reality, because you make it so.

Remember that you choose what you focus your energies on. If you choose to focus your thoughts, words or actions in fear mongering scenarios, such as terrorist/false flag events, New Age “Event,” Planet X/Nibiru, comet ISON, pole shift, grid breakdown, FEMA camps, martial law, financial system collapse or whatever, then you will experience those events in some form. It is not about denial of the existence of such things in the world, it’s about your choice to be within those event spaces or not.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

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